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Some companies opt to handle all their IT needs “in-house”, but in-house technology employees are expensive, and most companies don’t have someone with the right skill set who can devote all of their time to IT. The Rafiki Technologies team will customize your IT environment to provide IT plans to fit any budget.

Donate your first monthly payment to the charity of your choice!

When you partner with Rafiki for a Managed IT Services contract, we will donate your first month’s payment to the charity of your choice! Rafiki cares about our community and we are committed to helping nonprofits and charities during a time when they’re needed more than ever.

Our Services

Managed IT

As your managed IT partner, we identify and solve problems proactively, before they create challenges for your business. Through regular maintenance, remote support and 24/7 monitoring, we ensure you can do your best work every day.

IT advisory

Though your current IT may meet your needs today, it’s critical to continue innovating to ensure you don’t fall behind. We can help you plan for the future to ensure long-term success for your business.


No matter the industry, access to a reliable high-speed network is the key to reducing friction at work. We’ll provide you with the best network suited to your specific business needs while keeping costs as low as possible.

Cloud solutions

Cloud services are a part of a comprehensive approach to your IT needs. Our professional team offers cloud hosting, servers, training, troubleshooting and more. Once your business is cloud compatible, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Network security

Your business is your most important asset, so why shouldn’t you protect it? Providing holistic network security solutions for every aspect of your business activities, we’ll stand guard so you don’t have to worry.

Technology Strategy

Leverage the full power of Microsoft with access to the entire toolkit - and so much more. With hosted exchange, you can scale your business easily and affordably. We’ll set you up and teach you how to use these tools to increase company-wide productivity.

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