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2020 report released by Statistics Canada focused on how online habits changed for Canadians in the first six months of the pandemic. It found that 42 percent of Canadians dealt with a cyber security incident during those first several months. These Included phishing attacks, fraud, malware, and hacked accounts. Of those who reported a cyber incident, 36 percent said they suffered a loss in terms of time, data, or money.

Don’t be an easy target let us protect your most valuable asset from increasingly sophisticated, targeted cyber-crime threats.

Cyberattacks have grown in number, sophistication and impact—in 2021 the global cost of cybercrime exceeded $6 trillion!

With a 99.999% success rate, you count on us to keep your business safe!

Partner with Rafiki and receive:

All for one fixed, monthly price.

We’re here to help ensure your system is running at its best and compliant with regulations. We create custom solutions specifically designed with your needs in mind. 

Don’t let hackers catch you off guard; it’s not worth the risk. 

Recently featured in Business in Calgary Magazine

Rafiki's President Naheed Shivji lends his knowledge and expertise in Cyber Security to help Calgary businesses understand their vulnerabilities and how cyber attacks can be mitigated.

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