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Rafiki Technologies welcomes auto dealerships from Calgary, throughout Alberta and across Canada who are looking for an IT company to take care of their dealership computer service needs.

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IT Services & Computer Networking Support For Auto Dealerships in Calgary, throughout Alberta and all of Canada.

Information technology has impacted the automotive industry in a multitude of ways.  From making advancements deep in the infrastructure of vehicles themselves to improving relationships between dealers, original equipment manufacturers, and customers, technology has had a revolutionary effect on the industry. This layering of technology presents some basic challenges for dealerships, and that is only compounded when your company is responsible for several individual dealerships.

The automotive industry covers a spectrum of individual specialties.  It is a sector comprised of many different moving pieces.  A successful automotive business is involved in marketing, distribution, sales, ongoing support and more.

While it’s easy enough to drop by any big box retailer and pick up a computer for a couple hundred bucks, that’s not always the best choice. Why?

Because it’s the equivalent to buying a used vehicle instead of investing in something newer, something more reliable that requires less maintenance. Something with a bumper to bumper warranty and ongoing support. Think about it: a used vehicle often requires tons of trips to the local auto shop.

Your workstations are very similar.  When you fail to invest from the beginning, you end up with a system that doesn’t quite meet your needs performance-wise, and because of that, it breaks down more often. An investment now could prevent a lot of time, money, and frustration spent fixing a workstation later on.

How do you know where to invest your money when it comes to information technology?

You need a team with the experience to get the work done and done right.  Many IT service providers will make sweeping promises as to what they can deliver, but not all of them will really “get” you or the automotive industry.  You need a top-tier team that has a proven track record of successfully working with auto dealerships and groups just like yours.

The good news is you needn’t look any further.  Rafiki is the team for you.  We have been providing top-tier IT solutions for leading dealerships and groups for many years, and we have the skills you need. Our team will provide the guidance you need to invest in the right workstations. Plus, we’ll keep them protected and up to date – so you never have to worry about losing sales due to sluggish, inefficient, or broken down technology.

At Rafiki Technologies, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all IT solutions.

The automotive industry has its own unique sets of challenges, and it requires software solutions specific to the work you do.  We don’t sell you on the latest and “greatest” technology.  We believe that sometimes less is more, and that’s what we provide with our IT services.  Our commitment to you is to give you the IT you need, and that often means downsizing and streamlining what you already have.  Why pay for equipment that costs you money but does little other than collect dust?  Our team of computer support specialists will assess and modify your systems into a well-oiled, highly efficient machine that will save you time, money, and space.  What could be better?

What can Rafiki Technologies offer your auto dealership or group?

  • Affordable, budget friendly payment plans
  • Customized IT assessment and monitoring
  • IT and POS system simplification and integration
  • In-house or remote IT support staff
  • Network security and antivirus protection
  • Employee POS system training and troubleshooting
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Data retrieval, backup, and disaster recovery solutions
  • Cloud-based software specific to the automotive industry
  • Office 365 and G Suite expertise
  • Mobile and tablet procurement, support, and management

We are ready to get to work for you!

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