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Your patrons should want for nothing. Your staff bending over backwards with each visitor. Their professionalism is always second to none. But when your Information Technology goes down, will your clerks and housekeepers also receive 5-Star Concierge IT Service as your guests do?

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Raise Your Staff From Clerks & Housekeepers to Experience Advisors!

Your convention center, hotel, casino, or cruise line is leveraging mobile technology. It’s fast and dynamic. Information at your fingertips and data designed to show you what your guests love about your hospitality company in real-time. What if that same technology transformed your employee’s skills beyond your expectations? More tuned-in to what your guests will be looking for, before they ask, while they are at your location? Using Rafiki Technologies’ Hospitality Information Technology your employees know your guest’s needs in advance and are trained and equipped to tackle their daily duties.

Partnering with Rafiki Technologies enhances your guest’s experience!

Making information easily accessible to both guests and employees, enables strategic communication. Between the two, information flows into your employee’s hands. Anticipating your patron’s needs before they ask. It also hands over valuable business analytics to you and your management team to review. With enhanced employee productivity, your organization benefits from happier clients. But did you know you will receive a noticeable boost in staff proficiency when moving over to digitization? Have you considered how that effects your company?

Personalize Your Visitors’ Experiences For a 5-Star Review Every time!

By harnessing the power of a rich rules engine, integrated with guest profiles, from past purchasing data, you give your guests the customized experience that they expect from any 5-Star hospitality business. Your staff can strategically use finely tuned analytics and automatic sequences to give guests first class advice and provide faster check-in / check-out service. They can deliver focused service suggestions based on client profile and access restaurant menus, family entertainment, nearby shopping, or sightseeing venues.

Want the same benefits these top 5-Star Hospitality companies received when partnering with Rafiki Technologies, Inc? You’ll get:

  • Secure, always-on Wi-Fi
  • Optimize staffing based on analytics
  • Leverage on-demand training for faster staff onboarding
  • Know where your traffic highs and lows are by utilizing analytics
  • Use on-demand educational tools for ongoing staff training upgrades
  • Equip your staff with mobile devices – allowing for faster response to guests
Check in hotel. receptionist at counter in hotel wearing medical masks as precaution against virus. Young woman on a business trip doing check-in at the hotel

Let us show you how to get even more out of your IT for hospitality!

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