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Does Your IT Company Understand How The Oil & Gas Industry Operates?

As you know, the oil and gas industry uses a variety of innovative technologies to allow for more efficient operations. Outsourcing IT Service for your company is a necessity so you can focus on your core business operations. Before selecting a managed IT Provider, it’s important to ask some questions to make sure you work with the provider that’s right for your operation.

Is Your IT Company Experts In The Oil & Gas Industry? For example, do they:

Innovative software programs enable new forms of operation. However, it can also be complicated. You need access to experts who understand this software. RTI trains our employees on these technologies as they change and evolve.

The oil and gas industry relies heavily on information technology for field communications. Rafiki Technologies specializes in managed remote communications, collaborative applications, and systems integration applications so your employees can feel confident that they can communicate and share data seamlessly from the field to the head office.

Our techs understand the workings of oil and gas production. The tank battery is the arrangement of storage and processing tanks, flow lines, and other equipment that operates a well site. They’ll ensure your software and hardware operate at peak performance so your operations stay up and running as they should.

RTI can help ensure the oil and gas production software you use to automate your reports runs optimally, and that you can use it via a mobile application.  We’ll help you track tank levels, submit gauge sheets, and send and store data to run your tickets.  Our team can also assist with:

  • Mapping and GIS Applications (Accumap, GeoQuest)
  • Field Data Capture Systems (PVR, FieldView)
  • Geological and Complex Geophysical Applications
  • Land Manager & Land Sale Software
  • Financial and Production Accounting Systems

The National Energy Board (NEB) has been influential in shaping Canada’s inter-provincial energy strategy regarding oversight. However, each province has distinct regulatory policies that affect the oil and gas industry. RTI keeps up with these regulations and ensures our clients meet their provincial regulations as regards information technology.

Cybercriminals are attacking oil and gas companies in ever-increasing numbers. Oil and gas companies like yours must deal with cyber-risk challenges due to a more open IT network and increased reliance on technology. You can’t afford for your IT systems to be breached. You need the expertise of a seasoned IT provider who understands the oil and gas landscape, and how to mitigate cyber risks.

Our team knows all this and more. We can provide what you require from your technology solutions. We have the ability to:

  • Use online capabilities and secure cloud solutions to transmit information in real time from the field to headquarters, and vice versa.
  • Transmit and receive well-log and decline-curve data to ensure your operation’s progress as they should.
  • Securely store, transmit, process, and manage mass amounts of sensor data and trend histories using innovative, secure visualization, modeling, and analytics that improve reservoir management.
  • Share information via the Cloud to ensure your staff makes efficient decisions.
  • Employ cyber-risk measures that protect your IT assets from unauthorized individuals.
  • Remotely monitor your IT infrastructure solutions to thwart cyber attacks and ensure reliability.
  • Develop and implement a customized security plan that protects your IT operations.
  • Provide advice and consulting services so you can use technology to your competitive advantage, including mobile solutions, cloud computing, and data management services.
  • Provide layers of security protection to guard your intellectual property and confidential data.
  • Offer IT compliance support for changing regulations.

It’s important for your oil and gas business to outsource your information technology so you know you’re using software and hardware adeptly and to its fullest potential. The benefits of increased productivity are massive. That makes it well worth outsourcing IT to a provider who understands the software and technology you use every day.

Rafiki Understands What It Takes To Be Calgary & Edmonton’s Top IT Services Company In The Oil & Gas Industry

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