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Don’t You Deserve An IT Provider Who Understands What A Dental Practice Needs?

If you’re like other dentists in Alberta and Ontario, you rely on your technology more than ever before. It’s required to effectively run your office, schedule visits, and provide the best possible care for your patients. This is why your dental practice needs an IT provider who understands the technologies you use and specializes in providing IT solutions for dentists.

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What Services Should You Expect From A Dental IT Provider?

This is a precision-based process to assess your information technology needs. It identifies any IT pain points you’re experiencing and what you believe you should be getting from your technology that you aren’t.

A Dental IT Provider like Rafiki Technology will help with patient data privacy assessments.  Completing these will identify any security risks to your patients’ personal health information data and mitigate breaches. RTI offers the resources and IT solutions you need to expedite the process and ensure you continue to comply as your technology needs evolve.  

RTI has the knowledge and experience with the practice management and imaging software you use every day – solutions like Dentrix, PracticeWorks, Easy Dental, Schick, Dentrix Image, and others.

If your emails are breached, your reputation could be ruined. Your dental practice could be hit with severe penalties and lawsuits.  RTI ensures your emails are kept private and secure, both when in transit and in storage – including when sent and received from your mobile devices.

Using the Cloud is easy with the right training and advice. However, migrating your data safely to the Cloud can be difficult. For this, you need Dental IT Expertise and Cloud Consulting Services. RTI will safely migrate your system, solutions, and data to a secure cloud infrastructure.

Just like your patients have dental check-ups once a year to ensure the health of their teeth and gums, you should schedule a Vulnerability Audit with RTI for your technology to ensure it’s secure and compliant with today’s HIA requirements.

If you use credit cards to process your patients’ payments, you must retain an audit-trail history. This means that your dental practice must undergo a PCI-Compliance Audit to ensure data is safeguarded during credit- or debit-card transactions. Our Dental IT Experts will perform a customized PCI Audit to assess the security of your point-of-sale (POS) system.

With a busy practice and patients who depend on you for fast, effective service, you need the same from your Help Desk Services.  You’ll benefit from 24/7 Live Support and quick service from professionals experienced in the dental software and technology you use.

Fully Managed Services

Managed Services improve efficiency, security, and productivity with services like:

Rafiki provides custom-built, cost-effective technology solutions that:

  • Ensure your IT functions at peak performance.
  • Protects the privacy of your patients’ records.
  • Increases your operational efficiencies, productivity and, ultimately, your profitability.
  • Helps you comply with HIA regulations.
  • Supports the dental applications you use.

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