Network technology is a primary concern for every business. Even the smallest vulnerability in your network can leave your business open to an ever-growing number of threats. A downed server can result in the loss of your important data, causing productivity to take a costly hit. The resulting downtime can potentially be more than your business can afford.

You’re already well aware of the damage that can be done, and you’ve taken steps to keep your network protected. But have you done enough?

Rafiki Technologies can answer that question for you.

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Our expert technicians can evaluate your current IT solutions, as well as any other precautions you have in place, to determine if there are weak points in your network. We will discuss our findings with you, and offer solutions to correct any shortcomings.



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Rafiki Technologiess offers a wide range of network and system solutions designed to protect your business. From industry leading firewall technology to enduser and server security options, we have you covered.

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Practice management software, intraoral cameras, digital x-ray, patient education system. With our approach to IT project delivery, we help keep budgets in line with projected costs.