Hackers Aren’t Just Going After Big Companies Anymore: How Dental Offices Can Protect Themselves

Managed IT Services and cyber security for dental offices

Dental offices are a target for hackers; they have confidential information that hackers can use to their advantage. With a slew of platforms available from LiveDentist to Aspen Dental, there’s no shortage when it comes to finding vulnerabilities on these devices that can be used by Cybercriminals in their attacks against businesses like yours.

Here are some tips on how dental offices can protect themselves from cyberattacks:

Data policy
When you’re dealing with health care data, it’s essential that your office has a clear understanding of how the data is handled. Otherwise, there might be some serious consequences – such as fines or worse! The best way to avoid these penalties and stay compliant inside PIPEDA? Create an enforceable Data Policy for Your Practice. Need help creating one? Rafiki offers IT advisory services for dental clinics.

Hackers are always trying to get into your system, and they’ll use any opportunity they can. That’s why it is so important that you make sure the right precautions are taken when protecting data from theft or misuse – like having strong passwords.
It may seem intimidating at first but there’re many easy steps which will help keep yourself safe: changing them regularly (every three months) and avoiding common phrases found in passwords like “12345” because these have been discovered already by hackers who try those strings against their own databases.

Training staff on cybersecurity best practices
Internet guidelines are important for the safe use of work devices. Employees should avoid checking personal email and conducting personal business on office equipment, as this increases the chances that hackers will be able to break into your system – the more sites you visit per day just makes it easier! Creating an employee handbook for best practices is a great place to start. Not sure what to include? Rafiki can help!

Managed IT and cyber security support
Having a Managed Services Provider like Rafiki Technologies allows you to leverage the knowledge and expertise of an entire team to keep your practice safe from hackers. With a team that includes information security professionals, we can ensure both in-transit encryptions as well as storage protection, so no one accesses emails unless they’re supposed to.

Managed IT solutions include:

• Vulnerability audits
• Email network security
• Regular updates
• PCI compliance
• Assistance with and integration of your dental software
• Cloud consulting
• Firewalls
• Data protection
• Business Continuity plan
• Managed IT and security plan
• And more…

Rafiki has the knowledge and experience with the practice management and imaging software you use every day – solutions like Dentrix, PracticeWorks, Easy Dental, Schick, Dentrix Image, and others.


We provide custom-built, cost-effective technology solutions that:

  • Ensure your IT functions at peak performance
  • Protects the privacy of your patients’ records
  • Increases your operational efficiencies, productivity and, ultimately, your profitability
  • Helps you comply with HIA regulations
  • Supports the dental applications you use


Let Rafiki help protect your patient data and keep your practice safe!

Do you have any other questions about why dental offices need IT management and support? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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