With the right guidance and advice, strategic IT planning can set your business on a path to greater success in 2018 and beyond. 2017 isn’t quite behind us yet, but already many businesses are turning their attention to the year ahead. Planning out your objectives and goals for the coming months is a great way

How Modern Marketers are Using Technology to Learn from Target Audiences Marketers are continually challenged in the modern marketplace. Whereas marketing used to be a very internal, company-controlled business strategy, the digital transformation has opened up an entirely new realm of marketing possibilities. Companies across the world are now developing dynamic and interactive corporate identities

“Before the Parade Passes By,” the great song from the Broadway smash musical, “Hello, Dolly,” talks about getting ready to move out front while there is still time left. When it comes to fundraising, though, non-profit organizations that don’t jump on the technology bandwagon could indeed find that the donor world is passing them by.

What Your Company Should be Doing to Stay Secure? Most internet users today share a common burden: managing the passwords for various email accounts, online portals, and social media profiles. However, for business owners, managing passwords is a whole different ballgame. They have to keep track of employee account passwords, email passwords, software program passwords

There’s no denying that email contacts are the modern-day equivalent of the traditional address book. For modern businesses, digital contacts are a company’s lifeline. They provide the means of connecting with clients, collaborating with team members and communicating important information to employees. Without an organized approach to setting up and maintaining these digital address books,

Is Your Charitable Organization at Risk? If tomorrow’s headlines read your non-profit organization’s data and donor info was breached, what would be the ramifications?  Are you taking enough appropriate steps to stop cybersecurity threats? Is Your Charitable Organization at Risk?  Cybersecurity Tips for Non-Profits Almost weekly, we hear about an internet or computer security breach

Learn to run Microsoft Office 365 reports.  Use step-by-step instructions to create reports of data reflecting your company’s network user behavior and more. Joe, tech newbie at the Something, Inc. company, is aware of an intriguing-sounding data-generation and reporting platform called Office 365.  But, it’s mysterious.  Counter-but, Jane, senior tech admin across the hall, insists

Social engineering tactics let hackers take cyber attacks to a whole new level by focusing on a specific target. This kind of special attention and extra detail can often be just enough to fool users into clicking, downloading, or otherwise helping a hacker get exactly what they want. Here are 5 of these scams you

Which Version of Microsoft Office 365 for Businesses or Enterprises is Best for You? It’s easy for most businesses to justify a switch to MS Office 365.  Microsoft keeps their apps updated and has a good reputation for providing robust, industry-standard software.  Many companies rely upon Microsoft products because they provide them with the right

Non-profits that utilize technology find that it creates engagement, automates the fundraising process, improves emergency response time, and leads to higher levels of success. “Before the Parade Passes By,” the great song from the Broadway smash musical, “Hello, Dolly,” talks about getting ready to move out front while there is still time left.  When it

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