Month: October 2018

Mileage Tracking Using MileIQ

Trying to track your mileage for reimbursement and tax purposes can be a hassle for people who are naturally organized, and is even for worse for those of us who aren’t. If you have a smartphone, it has built-in GPS technology that can make the tracking process easier and automatic – but only if you …

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Canada Now Has It’s Own Version Of Required Breach Disclosure

As data breaches echo around the world, Canada now has its own law, paralleling Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the USA’s Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act (HIPAA). These regulations govern disclosure of data breaches to people whose data has been lost, stolen or somehow leaked to the public. Responsible leaders in U.S. …

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Phishing Alerts

Phishing Alert What To Watch For?

Did you know that 1 out of 3 employees opens phishing emails every day? Hackers are always switching up their phishing tactics to throw us off, so many people get fooled into revealing sensitive and confidential information. If this happens in your organization, you could be robbed of your data, money and good reputation.

Happy Spreadsheet Day!!!

What Are You Doing for Spreadsheet Day? Spreadsheets: some people love them, some people hate them, and some people are a little afraid of them. No matter which category you may currently fall into, you probably know that spreadsheets are vital to the inner workings of organizations ranging in size from massive Fortune 500 companies …

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October 16th Is Steve Jobs Day

Steve Jobs Day Sheds Light On Apple Founder’s Legacy In today’s modern world, the name “Apple” has become synonymous with technology. It’s no wonder then that Steve Jobs, the company’s late co-founder, has become such an influential figure in American history. His contributions are well documented in motion pictures, books and an authorized biography. October …

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