Month: August 2018

Is Office 365 Worth It?

A Look Inside a Company Who Has Successfully Made the Switch If you are self-employed or run a business, you more than likely use Microsoft Office in some or most of your day-to-day operations. If you haven’t made the switch to Microsoft Office 365, you have probably considered it or given it some thought. Maybe …

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Hotel WIFI

The Top 3 Hotel Wi-Fi Secrets, To Enhance Each Visitor’s Stay

All around the globe, millions upon millions of visitors swarm to hotels for business meetings, vacations, honeymoons, and over-night stays. Not a care in the world and expecting a stress-free experience, until their phone, tablet, laptop or mobile device can’t find a Wi-Fi signal and the front desk has no answers. If your hotel has a faulty guest perk and visitors are leaving bad comments online; check out Rafiki Technologies’ top three hotel Wi-Fi secrets below and turn future visitors into raving online reviewers.

Network Security

Boosting Your Network Security (Strategy/Planning)

Network security support is more important than ever before for business entities of all kinds. More importantly, developing a deliberate and strategic network security plan is critical in today’s increasingly virtualized business environment. Many IT service providers make big claims about securing your network, but rarely do they explain how. We’re on a mission to demonstrate exactly how Rafiki Technologies can optimize your company’s network security.

Oil and Gas IT Services

Does Your IT Company Understand How The Oil & Gas Industry Operates?

As you know, the oil and gas industry uses a variety of innovative technologies to allow for more efficient operations. Outsourcing IT Service for your company is a necessity so you can focus on your core business operations. Before selecting a managed IT Provider, it’s important to ask some questions to make sure you work with the provider that’s right for your operation.

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