IT Services and IT Support For Companies Located In The Calgary Airways Industrial Area

If your company needs access to reliable IT consulting and managed IT services near Calgary International Airport, there’s no better choice than Rafiki Technologies Inc.

Companies in Airways Industrial Park need a solution that delivers customized solutions that will deliver fast service without the delays caused by getting to an airport location. Rafiki Technologies is conveniently located off Deerfoot Trail and 32nd Ave. NE, giving us easy access to Airways Industrial Park companies.

Why Do I Need Managed IT Services?

If you’re a small or midsize company or hotel that works in and around the airport, you may have any number of IT challenges that would benefit from a strategic IT partner. Whether it’s keeping networks optimized, data secure, or technologies modernized, you want a partner who can help you determine affordable and reliable solutions that get your business ahead of the competition.

What’s more, a managed IT partner can solve the day-to-day issues around computers, smartphones, servers and systems that need to be fixed fast by someone that can either solve the issue remotely or get to your site quickly.

What Are Calgary IT Services My Company Needs?

No company wants to deal with the hassles and headaches that can be caused by having an unreliable IT system. You want access to data, support for employees when something goes wrong, and the peace of mind that your system is working at peak efficiency.

Managed IT services provide businesses like yours the Calgary IT support they need. With Rafiki Technologies as your technology partner, you can focus on the core parts of your business.

We work with you to develop the managed IT solution you need. We see this work as a partnership and seek to understand what your concerns are, your competition looks like, and your technology needs. Then we’ll recommend and install a solution that works. We’ll also continue to monitor and maintain that solution on your behalf.

The types of managed IT solutions that you may consider with Rafiki Technologies include:

  • Maintenance of your devices, including desktop and laptop computers, servers, and network infrastructure
  • Updates and upgrades, so you never have to worry about not having the latest versions of software, the most recent service packs, updates, and upgrades to both software and hardware
  • Remote support, to help workers — whether they’re at your site or on the road — with problems and provide them with fast solutions

We provide a comprehensive suite of services and day-to-day support to ensure your work can get done.

Do I Need Managed IT If I Have IT Staff?

Your internal IT staff likely are focused on keeping the wheels on, managing the day-to-day work of making sure machines are working and that employees and customers are satisfied. But are you getting the strategic, forward-looking insights into what your IT network needs today and tomorrow? Do you have a good sense of the technologies that are available or coming soon that would improve how your business operates?

That’s where a managed IT partner like Rafiki Technologies comes in. We augment your in-house IT teams, leaving them to work on other projects for you. What’s more, we provide professional support from our team that has extensive experience working with vendors and solving problems. It’s likely anything your employees encounter is something we’ve seen before … and solved.

We also provide continuous monitoring of systems and users and devices. This means we can see trouble brewing before it becomes a major issue. We can also deploy solutions quickly, often without you or your employees noticing any problems.

How Does Managed IT Keep Data Safe?

Your data need to be secure. Not only does your data need to be accessible by employees and customers, but a breach of that data can erode consumer confidence and damage your reputation severely.

That’s why you need a data security solution as part of your managed IT services. Data backups, antivirus and anti-malware protection and system monitoring can detect behavior or patterns that keep unwanted parties out of your system.

When you want a trusted IT partner that’s near your Calgary International Airport location, look to Rafiki Technologies. To learn more about our free IT assessments, contact us today.

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