What IT Companies In Calgary Provide IT Support & Automobile CRM Support?

Your auto dealership is a complex operation that requires coordinated efforts from all departments to operate efficiently. That’s what makes a CRM solution such a powerful tool for dealership operations.

The right CRM enhances nearly every area of your dealership operations. The top CRM products bundle together multiple features, giving you high-level dashboards that allow for monitoring of performance and clear reports on the real-time status of key metrics. Features vary based on the product but usually include customer data management (contact info, credit and financial histories, vehicle information, and sales and service data), marketing (customized emails, phone calls, direct mail, local print and television content, advertisements, social media and internet marketing) and call center and business development center tools. Other features may include inventory management, market research, and compliance reporting.

That’s a lot of information tied up in one critical system. And that system needs to interact with other software applications. That’s why IT support for Calgary automobile dealerships is essential. You need to keep your CRM and other tools operational and accessible, updated, and protected. For IT services, Calgary automobile industry professionals look to Rafiki to provide industry-specific expertise that delivers results.

Choosing the Right CRM for Calgary Auto Dealerships

There are plenty of options for Calgary auto dealerships looking to install or upgrade their CRM. Here’s a closer look at some of the top products and their best features:


Their CRM products for independent and franchise dealers alike tout streamlined sales, marketing and service functionality that uses automation technology to drive efficiency. Among their top features are:

  • Customer lifecycle management from lead generation through deal completion and on to customer retention
  • Website and digital marketing process automation that helps to complete the customer journey, creating custom content, social media campaigns and analytics
  • Automated sales functions for customer engagement that manages phone, email and walk-in business
  • Service marketing and retention tools
  • Data mining to identify customers for future revenue generation


The company touts its personalized customer experiences that drive retention. Their CRM solution integrates multiple dealership processes into a single view of each customer. The top features include:

  • Integrated data from multiple systems, from scheduling to inventory management
  • Flexible and customizable processes and automation
  • Mobile app that provides updated customer information on any device
  • Fully customized reports and data visualizations that let you review key metrics
  • Automated and targeted marketing solutions
  • Document and data centralization to reduce paperwork

Dominion Dealer Solutions

With the Dominion Vision CRM, dealerships uses intuitive technologies to combine simple-to-use functionality with user-designed dashboards. Top features include:

  • Data-driven communications that targets customers based on interactions data and contact method preferences
  • A virtual assistant to email customers and prospects and assign to salespeople
  • Personal video capabilities
  • Customer call features, including call recording and system prompts

Dealer Car Search

With this CRM, you’ll be able to track and record every touchpoint with every customer, and use that information to drive marketing campaigns, generate documents, and measure work. Features include:

  • Drag-and-drop email campaign creation
  • Customer management that tracks deals, emails and contact information
  • Complete deals online with digital worksheets that can be saved, referenced and reprinted
  • Tools to convert leads to worksheets
  • Appointment and lead conversation management tools


When you want to integrate with other communication channels, partners and systems, the ELEAD1ONE CRM offers a web-based system that connects customers and gives managers comprehensive views of operations. The product features:

  • A mobile sales app with license and VIN scanners and mobile desking
  • Internet lead management with automated quotes and purchasing options, end-to-end lead management, and rule-based lead reassignment, redirection and escalation
  • Automated data mining to generate revenue opportunities for vehicle exchanges and end-of-warranty or -lease options
  • Better desking to appraise vehicles, edit information, book out and manage multiple deals. display data, show side-by-side comparisons, and simply negotiations
  • Inventory management including vehicle valuations and pricing analysis

Managing Your Dealership CRM

At Rafiki, we work with dealerships throughout the Calgary area, understand your unique business structure and needs, and support multiple CRM and other dealership software tools. When looking at IT companies in Calgary, choose the provider that knows the auto business and delivers exceptional service. To learn more about Rafiki, contact us today.

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