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In the modern office environment, convenience is essential. Communications demand efficiency, speed, accessibility, flexibility, and mobility. Modern technologies have made that convenience more attainable than ever. 

Conventional phone systems are cumbersome, costly, inefficient, and inconvenient. The new age of business communications has brought the cloud phone solution to meet the evolving needs of the modern office ecosystem.

The following 6 features of the Rafiki’s business communications system work together to provide the most convenient solution for offices of today. 

1. The Mobile App

Recreate the “in-office” experience anywhere. Using our Softphone Mobile application, your smartphone becomes your company extension complete with access to essential features such as call hold and transfer. This improves productivity and minimizes costs by offloading calls to Wi-Fi in places such as offices, airports and hotels.

  • Send and receive calls just like you’re at your desk
  • Keep your private number private; callers see only your desk phone number
  • Make extension-to-extension calls
  • Advanced Call Control – such as 3-way calling, transfer, hold, and more
  • Real-Time Status/User Presence
  • Connect over WiFi, 4G, or LTE
  • Chat/SMS

2. Chat & SMS

The number of text messages sent every year has nearly quadrupled since 2008 and is up nearly 20 times over 2006’s total of 4.3 billion. Texting is popular because of the accessibility and ease it provides. Sending a quick text message to a boss, coworker, intern, or client can take less effort than the sometimes-lengthy process of an email. The limited nature of texts helps users keep it short, sweet and to-the-point.

The Chat/SMS feature of a Rafiki system allows business texting and chat to happen from either your desktop or mobile phone without mixing your business and personal messages.

3. Find Me/Follow Me

Increase productivity and workday enjoyment with the Find Me/Follow Me feature. Callers dial one phone number and can reach you wherever you are, on any of your devices. You can set all your phones to ring simultaneously, or have them ring in sequence. Find Me/Follow Me gives you:

  • Reliability: You get the calls, no matter where you are.
  • Privacy: You never have to give out your personal number.
  • Flexibility: Add or remove a device from your Find Me/Follow Me rules at any time.
  • Freedom: Without worrying about missing calls, you can plan your day the way you want with peace of mind.

4. Internet Fax

It’s a dream come true – the convenience of fax without the nuisance of fax machines! With Internet Fax, you get reliable Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax service to meet all your business needs. Fax from anywhere with an internet connection at any time. Direct incoming faxes straight to your email inbox. 

Even better, you can schedule, manage and store all your faxes online in one central location for easy access. 

The cost savings alone make this feature valuable – no wasted supplies like ink or paper to pay for!

5. Transcription

Imagine never having to check your voicemail again! Transcription makes it possible. 

All your voicemail messages are transformed into readable text so you can quickly scan your messages as they come in. Conveniently read them on your computer or mobile device. 

With the Google-powered Voicemail-to-Email feature (available with multi-language support), you have the ability to search and filter right in your inbox. This is helpful when you need to look up an important detail in a message (like a name or phone number), but don’t have time to listen to an entire voicemail message.

Save time and act on messages immediately. No need to enter passwords or spend time on your phone listening to long or slow messages. You can include the voicemail-to-email message in an email reply to the caller, saving you from making another phone call or typing out the context in a new email. 

6. Web Phone

Increase the reach of your business phone system and open the door to a more geographically diverse workforce. Desk phones are still an indispensable component of many systems, but web phone features provide additional benefits: 

  • Geographic flexibility
  • Direct and text messaging
  • Contact integration
  • Employee presence
  • And more

Convenience is in the Cloud

The pressure to streamline your business operations into lean, efficient, and cost-effective entities is immense. The convenience of a Rafiki communications system makes it the best solution for your business. 

For more information about these and other features of a Rafiki business communications system,  contact us today at or call us at (587) 353-5555.

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