The Rafiki team was thrilled to showcase our smart solution for the hospitality industry at Alberta IoT’s latest event, Building Smart Cities presented by Cochrane Economic Development and PCL Construction. The room was buzzing with energy; thought-leaders in IoT were sharing their case studies, their ideas for future innovation, and their thoughts on working together to solve real problems facing our infrastructure in cities all across Canada.

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Keynote speakers, Matt Ludwig and Patrick Giroux, both of whom are Solution Architects in PCL’s Business Technology team, shared PCL Construction’s strategy to integrate IoT and advanced analytics. PCL is building smarter using their IoT Smart Construction platform, Job Site Insights, to drive increased sustainability, productivity, and quality while reducing insurance costs and warranty claims.

It was exciting to hear the innovative solutions that PCL is implementing in their construction projects and how their clients can leverage data for major cost savings. Matt and Patrick also mentioned that they partner with a number of solution-providers to create a comprehensive solution for the lifecycle of construction from planning to completion and even post-completion, gathering data and applying those insights to help businesses with their decision making.

The event was held at the RancheHouse in Cochrane and the city’s Mayor, Jeff Genung, was also in attendance. He spoke about how Cochrane is at the forefront of implementing smart cities solutions and gave an example of the city’s on-demand transit system solution to help residents get access to transit easier and faster.

Alberta IoT’s Brenda Beckedorf says, “The combination of infinitely scalable cloud computing and inexpensive, energy-efficient connected sensors has created the possibility for virtually any device to be connected to the internet. With advancements in complementary technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 5G wireless, Alberta IoT believes the possibilities are endless” (Financial Post, 2019).

Rafiki’s IoT solution for the Hospitality industry has had a successful pilot project and we’re excited to bring it to market in the near future. Blending IoT and IT will create the best results for our customers, saving them time and money. Rafiki’s vision is to be a nationwide leader in emerging technology and advisory services while providing holistically-managed IT support to businesses. 

If you want to learn more about our services, email and we’d be happy to talk about your business and how we can help.

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