Are you looking for a managed IT services provider with cloud services expertise?

 The cloud is the way forward in business today.  You’ve likely been using it for years and understand its benefits.

Never has it been simpler to manage your daily workload!

Being out of the office now doesn’t have to mean that you come back to a mountain of paperwork and e-mail correspondence that you will never have the time to wade through.  The cloud has enabled easy access to all pertinent data from anywhere in the world, at any time, and on any device.  How did we ever get work done without it?

But the truth is you know you aren’t a cloud expert.

You’re impressed with how much more you’ve been able to get done since making the cloud a part of your professional life.  But you wonder—just how much more COULD you get done if you hired someone who knew ALL the ins and outs of cloud technology?

Is there cloud capability that you haven’t used to your competitive advantage?

These are important questions.  There is a lot more to the cloud than many people realize.

Choosing to outsource your IT needs to a professional computer support team will help you maximize the resources you are already using.

 What is Cloud Computing?

We’ve all heard the term “the cloud,” but at its root, what exactly is it?

The cloud is an online system of servers that allow for the storage and transmission of data and use of applications without needing to be installed on a computer hard drive.  This technology has been revolutionary for the business world today.

Gone are the days of having to sit at a desk to access critical data and information.  You can tap into it from your smartphone or tablet while in the field visiting a client.  The freedom it provides is incredible!  But real-time data access 24/7 is only one benefit of choosing cloud technology.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

There are many benefits to cloud technology.  Here is a list of some of the ways making the most efficient use of the cloud can help your business:

  • Lower technology expenses—The cloud is an affordable solution for all businesses, and it often houses all the software you need. With cloud computing services from {company}, you will have all the IT support and troubleshooting you need included in your flat rate, affordable monthly fee.  Say goodbye to unexpected and costly repair bills!  No more bringing in an outside tech to sort out software problems for you.  It’s all included in your cloud computing package for business with {company}.
  • Easy scalability—The beauty of business is that if it’s working as it should, it grows! The cloud is a system that can be scaled up or down to meet your needs.  Its fees are user based, so you don’t pay for what you don’t use.  Hire on some employees and need more access?  Not a problem.  {Company} can make that happen for you with ease.
  • Business continuity—Having your data stored in the cloud means it is secure and remains accessible to you. Natural disaster, power outages, and other mishaps do not have to derail your business efforts.  {company} sees to it that your data is protected and recoverable.
  • Improved communications and collaborative efforts—Cloud computing makes intraoffice collaboration and communication simpler than ever before. Several employees can work on the same project simultaneously, and the real-time work is automatically updated to each employee’s copy of the document.  It’s a seamless process!
  • Ease of use—The cloud is extremely user-friendly. It can be learned through simple user navigation alone.  But with cloud services from {company}, we teach your team to use the cloud effectively – giving them a competitive edge.
  • Flexibility of work processes and locations— Of course, flexibility is one of the strengths of cloud technology. The ability to access client information and business programs regardless of location or device is the new business standard.  Cloud computing makes all of this possible.  Even if you have to make use of a client computer or a hotel terminal, you can still access all the information you need, whenever you need it.
  • Automatically implemented system updates—Cloud technology with {company} means you never have to do an update again! Updates are implemented automatically – ensuring that you are always current and ready to go.


What can a partnership with {company} do for you?

Cloud computing services with {company} as part of a comprehensive approach to your IT needs.

Our professional team can offer you cloud solutions including cloud hosting, servers, in-house employee training, troubleshooting, and much more.

Whatever your cloud computing needs, {company} will deliver.

Ready to get started?

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