How Can We Make Better Use of Our Business Technology Systems?

Feel like you’re not getting everything you should out of your business technology assets?

Does it seem like your business is bleeding IT dollars with no end in sight?

It’s time to make a change.

Rafiki Technologies, Inc will show you how your business can benefit from an IT strategy that leverages and configures your IT assets – improving your daily workflow.

How do we do it?

Network Assessment

Before we can give you the high-impact IT environment that you want, we have to examine the IT assets that currently make up your IT structure. We will carefully assess every component of your IT environment – hardware, software, cloud, and mobile – to determine if they are right for your business and whether they can be tweaked to give you even more efficiency.

Culling Outdated, Unsecurable, or Inefficient Hardware and Software

Unfortunately, within our assessments we often find that companies have hardware or software that just isn’t up to the job. Sure, it may have once been state-of-the-art, but now it is a liability. We’ll explain to you the reasons, but the truth is that these outdated, unsecurable, or inefficient IT assets have to go.

Introducing Cutting-Edge Business Technology Solutions.

Recent technological innovations – especially in relation to cloud technology – have made business systems more affordable, flexible, and efficient. We will work within your comfort level and budget to introduce new elements into your IT environment that will enable you to get your daily work done with less hassle and effort.

No, we don’t leap at or push every new technology that is produced by software or hardware developers. We take the time to explore and vet each new piece of hardware or software before we bring it to your attention and suggest it for implementation within your network.

Integrating your applications and eliminating unnecessary manual operations.

Time is money.

Every extra step within your system – either electronic or manual – is dozens, maybe hundreds, of hours a year in labor costs.

The friendly {company} technicians will seek to understand your daily workflow to be able to eliminate unnecessary operations and to automate every process possible.

This integration and automation effort frees your employees time to get more of the important things on their “to do” list accomplished.

After all… employees don’t want to be mired in the tedious little repetitive tasks. They want to be doing those things that bring job satisfaction and drive productivity.

We help them get more done in a day.

For them, that means that they are happier with their job performance.

For you, that means that you are getting more out of your IT investment and your payroll investment!

Employee Technology Training

Getting the most out of your IT investment requires that your employees be trained to use the IT assets that your business has acquired.

Sure, they muddle along and get the job done, but does that mean that they are close to 100% efficient in their use of the business technology?

Probably not.

To solve this problem, {company} has developed a strategy to get your employees up to speed on the technology they use every day.

Our employee technology training offering allows us to see your work processes in action and make those small suggestions that turn out to mean better productivity and profit for your company.

Ongoing Professional IT Support

Once your IT systems are tweaked to peak performance and your employees know how to be efficient with the technology assets your company has, it’s time to push the accelerator to the floor and see how much more productivity you can squeeze out of your newly configured business technology.

But what about the inevitable IT questions, updates, upgrades, patches, security, or IT speedbumps?

{company} has developed an all-inclusive, IT management offering that includes all this and much more. We partner with our clients not only to set them up for success but to support their ongoing success!

{company} stands ready to deliver outstanding IT services for your business!

  • Cloud Services – delivering high-capacity, global collaboration
  • Email Services – giving you secure, efficient written communications
  • Network Security and Monitoring – employing high-impact protections to keep your business safe
  • Mobile Device Management – providing your business with full mobile functionality
  • Information Services – IT consulting for executive assessments, planning, and project management
  • Data Backup – enabling simple storage and backup while maintaining compliance standards
  • Hardware and Software Procurement – seeking out the best hardware and software for your unique business
  • Managed WIFI – keeping safety and wireless speed consistent
  • Structured Cabling – bringing wiring expertise to your expansion projects
  • Office 365 & G Suite – helping you make the most of office productivity tools
  • Microsoft Exchange Hosting – leveraging years of Microsoft Exchange expertise for your business
  • Managed IT – ensuring that your systems stay functional and meet your high expectations
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity – meet the challenges of unexpected situations
  • Support Desk – answering your questions and responding to any IT emergencies

Partner with the IT support team that will help you get the most return on your IT investment!

Lets’ get started.

Call the friendly computer support staff of {company} now at {phone} or send an email to {email}

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