What IT Company In Calgary Specializes In Working With Car Dealerships At Calgary Auto Mall?

Calgary Auto Mall dealerships need to keep lots of relationships connected and operating at peak performance. Whether interacting with buyers and sellers, manufacturers, parts suppliers or other dealerships, your systems need to be able to access and use information quickly.

When you need IT services Calgary Auto Mall dealerships rely on Rafiki, which is a local managed IT services company with expertise working with area auto dealerships. Rafiki has many years of experience working with car dealerships to deliver solutions that meet specific company needs and support their line of business applications.

How Can I Get Support for Multiple Applications?

Many car dealerships in our area are facing the challenge of working with multiple technology systems. Whether its parts management, inventory controls, finance systems, repairs, and scheduling, your dealership needs access to the kinds of skills that managed IT companies in Calgary can bring to the table.

It’s likely that your internal IT staff is stretched thin, working on keeping desktop computers online, fixing bugs and ensuring that basic software tools, printers, and screens are working. That’s in addition to touchscreens and other digital tools are operable. They also need to make sure that the TV is tuned to the Flames games in your customer waiting room.

That’s why you need a strategic partner that can help with the complexities of your technologies. Whether it’s working with various vendors to make sure that software upgrades are installed correctly, identifying opportunities to integrate system functions and data, or keeping you apprised of the latest technologies, a trusted IT partner like Rafiki is a critical part of your technology strategy.

How Can I Manage Systems at Multiple Dealerships?

You may be responsible for managing technology and other functions at multiple Calgary Auto Mall and area dealerships. That means a lot of time troubleshooting, deploying and thinking about systems. One of the advantages of hiring a managed IT solutions partner like Rafiki is that we can deploy tools and monitoring at multiple locations simultaneously.

Take monitoring, for example. A managed IT solution can provide broad oversight to your systems at multiple locations 24/7. If there’s an issue, unusual activity, or suspicious things going on with your technology, our trained engineers can identify the issue, isolate it, and in many cases solve it remotely. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that multiple systems are supported and maintained consistently and professionally.

What Does A Managed IT Solution Do for My Dealership?

Think about your most challenging technology issues. They probably relate to customer service, efficiency, or dealership operations, all areas you’re looking to improve. With a managed IT service provider helping you think through issues related to connectivity, system integration, network performance, and other key technical issues, you can address a wide range of concerns and key issues, including:

  • Better response times to customer requests
  • Better use of existing IT assets
  • Infrastructure design that helps connectivity and network results
  • Scalability of systems to respond to fluctuating or seasonal demand
  • Secure data about customers and inventory

What Software Products Can Rafiki Help With

We offer a broad expertise with various types of software commonly used by auto dealerships, including:

  • Frazer Auto Dealer software bundles that include buy here pay here (BHPH), outside financing, forms printing, and payment processing modules
  • ELEAD1ONE packages that integrate marketing, sales and service functions
  • DealerCenter dealer management software that coordinates customer management, inventory, credit reporting, finance, insurance and sales
  • DealersLink inventory management software
  • LoanerTrack courtesy vehicle management tools
  • Marketing 360 sales funnel tools

There are dozens of other auto management systems that Rafiki helps to manage and integrate for other dealership clients in the Calgary area.

How Can I Simplify and Improve Operations with Managed IT

When you partner with an IT service provider that knows the auto dealership industry, you can capabilities and functionality in many different areas. Rafiki starts with an assessment of your existing technology and recommends a specific solution designed to address your needs. We work closely to develop plans, provide employee training and support, procure and install needed hardware and software, and provide tools that keep data secured and backed up.

Contact us to learn how Rafiki can help your auto dealership drive improved results.

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