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The dental care industry has become more efficient than ever before.  Technology has simplified old ways of doing things.  Time spent doing menial tasks like filing paperwork and snail mailing documents has been replaced by the cloud and sophisticated software systems such as Office 365.

The bottom line is that choosing to go digital makes dental care better both for the patient and for the provider.  Less time spent with cumbersome and time-consuming manual paperwork equates to more face to face time with patients.  As a result, more people get seen by a doctor, and more people are being helped.  That has to feel good.

Fewer manual administrative tasks to do equals less time spent frantically trying to get it all done.  When employees are over-tasked during their work day, they feel obligated to rush to try to maximize what they can accomplish in a day.  This leads to error—and in the dental industry. Errors mean that someone could potentially get hurt.

Going completely digital and choosing to outsource your IT support needs to a managed IT services provider ensures that you save both time and money.  The outcomes of such a venture are only positive—safer patients, improved office relations, streamlined paperwork, and lower wait times.  What could be better?

Keeping Pace with the Forward Movement of Technology

Dentistry technology has made significant improvements over the last few decades.  But just as your profession has evolved, so must your internal administrative practices.  Many patients prefer interactive mobile experiences to keep in touch regarding dental appointments and necessary oral care.

Keeping pace with technology not only benefits your patients, but it’s also a great help to your staff.  When employees given the right tools for the job, they can attend to their work more efficiently – leaving them with extra time to provide even better service to your valued patients.

What Rafiki Technologies Can Do for Your Dental Practice

The Rafiki Technologies team provides top-tier comprehensive IT for your busy dental practice.

We have an outstanding track record of working successfully with dental practices. We have the skills to help you reach your goals.

Part of that skill set is knowing both what your clients, and you as their dental care provider—are looking for from their dental clinic.

Your entire practice benefits when expectations for excellent dental care are met or even exceeded.  These goals can be met by implementing strategies to address the following:

  • Improved collaboration
  • Web-based inventory and asset tracking
  • Advanced and proactive cybersecurity
  • Medical device protection
  • Virtual dental visits to reduce wait times
  • WiFi in-office guest access
  • Enhanced network infrastructure
  • Operational improvements to reduce wasted time and resources
  • Streamline and simplify data transmission
  • Clear and consistent protocols for compliance regulations

Taking the time to source solutions to provide these services will save your dental practice both time and money.  Rafiki Technologies has the experience to help you bring these innovations to your busy business and to equip you to provide your customers with 21st-century dental care.  Making a few simple changes may be all it takes to provide service that is miles above what the competition has to offer.

Cybersecurity is Paramount

Cybercriminals are more sophisticated than ever, and it is critical that dental practices protect their sensitive client information.  More than that, legislation that covers patient data transmission, use, and storage is strict, and penalties for non-compliance are severe.  You could lose far more than a few dollars or a client or two for a breach in your security system—it could cost you the reputation you spent your career building or worse…your business.  You can’t afford to have any loopholes in your security.

Rafiki Technologies will proactively monitor your systems seeking out vulnerabilities to shore up long before they could ever become a problem.  We have to stop cyber-predators at the front door.

Rafiki Technologies wants to be your comprehensive managed IT services provider! We have all the skills to take your dental practice into the technology future.

What’s stopping you?  All the IT consulting and support you could ever need for your dental office is just a phone call away.

Contact the Rafiki Technologies sales team now at {phone} or {email} to find out what our dental technology experts can do for you.

We look forward to serving you.

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