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Your business spends a great deal of time and energy dealing with correspondence. Though some companies still do some of their written communications the old fashioned way – through letters and snail mail, technology has largely pushed the vast majority of us towards email. Email services save us time and money and allow us to achieve greater productivity and efficiency in our work efforts. But with all the advances in technology, there are risks involved. Because of the efforts of hackers and cybercriminals email risks do need to considered and addressed.

But it’s not only potential security breaches that need our attention. With the shift to electronic transmission of data comes a host of compliance standards. Each industry has its own set of regulations that must be strictly followed. Failure to do comply can carry some hefty penalties.

You need a team that can successfully manage all of your email services for you. We at {company} pride ourselves on providing our clientele with comprehensive IT care – including outstanding email support and service.

Email services with {company}

When you choose to partner with {company} for your email services needs, you get all the email support you need for a price that you can afford.

We believe in custom fit technology. We provide our clients with a complete suite of IT services designed for their specific business and industry.

Among the email services that {company} offers are:

  • Email Migration—{company} specializes in migration services to simplify all of your correspondence. We can assist with services such as email forwarding, content conversion, and property mapping, among others.
  • Security—Your emailed data is only as safe as your systems. Since businesses rely heavily on email for data transmission, it is more critical than ever to know that your data is secure. The {company} team believes in proactive security management. We monitor and assess your email systems for any potential vulnerabilities. This enables us to shore up any gaps before they ever become a problem. We are committed to keeping you safe!
  • Filtering—Tired of getting a bunch of spam in your mailbox? Getting things you shouldn’t be? Or worse… Are important emails not ending up where they are supposed to go? {company} has expertise in email filtering. We will set up proper automation to ensure that the mail you send is categorized into precisely the right location – saving you critical organization time. We will establish inbound and outbound filtering criteria for you and establish keywords to help prioritize the categorization of incoming email.
  • Employee Training—It’s important that your employees understand the systems they use. We make it our mission to help your team get the most from their technology. From spotting phishing and Adware to identifying social engineering attempts, we equip your staff with the skills they need.
  • Encryption—Data encryption is another layer of protection we can add to our plan for proactive email security. Encryption services ensure that even in the unlikely even that your data is somehow accessed that it is rendered wholly unusable to the hacker.
  • Mobile Synchronization—You want everyone in your office to be on the same page. Through synchronization of all office mobile devices and tablets, we will keep your team mobile, communicative and collaborative.
  • Data Storage and Retrieval—Your business cannot afford to be without essential data for long without running the risk of upsetting your customers. The {company} team will implement backup, storage, and recovery options that keep your data protected and accessible.
  • Compliance—Compliance is not optional. Failure to know and abide by the regulations for your industry can cost you in time, money, and reputation. It’s too expensive to NOT have an IT services team on your side, managing IT compliance. We have experience dealing with the compliance codes for all mandated industries, and we have the expertise to get and keep your business within legislative and industry compliance standards.

Contact the {company} expert IT team now at {phone} or {email}.

Our panel of expert technicians would love to talk with you about your company and your specific email management needs. {company} is the leading IT services provider serving metropolitan areas throughout Canada. We are ready to get to work for you!

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