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Our day begins at 7:00 am when a Rafiki Technologies, Inc help desk engineer goes thru our early morning checks.  They begin with checking for any customer requests or monitoring system alerts that might require re-prioritizing our resources for the morning. Then, we check that all backup processes for all customers have completed properly, followed by confirming that virus / malware protection is running properly and reviewing the patch update report to see what machines were missed (because the machine was turned off or a laptop was taken when a user left the office).

Now we are ready to start our day! 

Our normal Help Desk hours of operation are 8 am to 6 pm Monday thru Friday – although we are available 24/7 for emergency situations.

You can create a service desk request ticket by email, phone, or directly within our client portal. In all cases, an email notification will immediately be sent – so you know that your request has been received and entered into our system.

Your ticket is placed in our Triage Que where our dispatcher quickly assigns the ticket to an appropriate engineerYou will receive notice as soon as an engineer begins working on your ticket, and you will be kept up to date any time there is a change in the status of the issue.

Fast and Friendly Help Desk Service

In general, our help desk engineers will begin work on your ticket in 60 minutes or less during normal business hours. However, 80 percent of our tickets receive attention from a skilled professional within 20 minutes or less (from the time of submission).

Our goal is to ensure that your problems are solved quickly, skillfully, and accurately — the first time — without causing you undue stress.

Escalation is Immediate

You will not spend hours waiting around for problem resolution with the {company} team. If we determine that escalation is necessary, the ticket is reassigned to a Senior Engineer. The status is changed to “Escalation Required” and prioritized in our work que. This ensures that not only are your problems solved quickly but that the entire process is as seamless and painless as possible for you.

When the issue is resolved, the ticket is marked completed, and another notification is sent with the update and asking you to please let us know if you are continuing to experience the problem.

As a final step, our technical director daily reviews all tickets that required more than an hour to resolve to ensure that the team remains focused on excellence in customer care and to glean information for ongoing team training as required.

Let’s get started! {company} is the right IT support team for your business. Contact us now at {phone} or {email} to begin a no-obligation conversation.

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