What Are The Top 3 Hotel Wi-Fi Secrets That Will Enhance Every Visitor’s Stay?

For as long as hotels, inns, and suites have been around, the proprietor is always looking for new ways to improve a visitor’s stay. Some amenities, an expected staple, might seem odd if not seen when the guest arrives at the location. For instance:

  • Pools
  • Toiletries
  • Ice Machines
  • Housekeeping
  • Vending Machines
  • Continental Breakfast

However, with the arrival of increased international business travel, remote workers, freelancing travelers, and the rise in vacationing tourists more and more hotels have to step up to compete.

First, it was swapping out old, guest room doorknobs and deadbolts with card reader access control; to increase security and customer protection from strangers entering their room.

Then came the spas and jacuzzies, weight rooms and masseuses; followed by the conference rooms, dining areas, and internet ready offices spaces, for the busy on-the-go executives.

Finally, in-room internet connection, go-to meetings, skype and topping it all off; hotels providing, complimentary Wi-Fi guest services, to accommodate the visitor’s stay.

Out of all these amenities and features mentioned though, it is the unseen Wi-Fi signal and connection strength or lack thereof that can turn a 5-Star hotel experience, into an online, highway rest area, review nightmare, from a visitor and weak or no-signal complaint headaches for the proprietor.

To help you reduce the Wi-Fi signal migraines at your hotel; here are the Top 3 Hotel Wi-Fi Secrets that swells a visitor’s experience, increasing client expectations, and travelers singing your praises with their online reviews about your user-friendly, Wi-Fi hot-spot establishment and your professional staff.

Secret #1 – Your Visitor’s Wi-Fi Signal and Internet Connection Perception

Every patron that walks through your hotel doors has a predetermined view of what they believe is the best internet connection and a strong Wi-Fi signal. Their opinions come from what they have at work or the setup they have at home.

If your signal strength does not at least match what they experience daily at these other two locations, they will assume your internet accommodations are weak. That inconvenience, they suffered, then is expressed online either in negative reviews or on their social media channel.

When surveying your guests, pay close attention to how they rate your internet and Wi-Fi services. If the ratings are continually negative, contact your internet provider about increasing the Wi-Fi signal, and connection strength. You may find your hardware is in need of upgrading.

Secret #2 – It’s Not Echo, Sonos One, or Google Home – It’s Voice Enabled IoT Technologies

How would you like to:

  1. Reduce front desk inquiries by almost 29%
  2. Staff are not interrupted when checking in guests
  3. A visitor can place a midnight food request without picking up the phone

It’s not that farfetched. Voice-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) technology is making that a reality in hotels, inns, and suites around the world. The software used can be modified to match the needs of the guests and your staff.

With hotel and suite technology advancements, along with voice-driven guest engagement software, powered by an IoT technology device, you are freeing up your staff’s workload, while the guest’s, experience level, increased merely by using their voice, in their room to grab a bite to eat.

Secret #3 – Leveraging Wi-Fi Services For Client Meetings and Events

It’s great when you get that call, and a client wants to rent your conference room or event hall. After speaking with them, you know all that they require. What attendance levels to expect. What advanced features or personalized support will be needed. If food will be prepared and served by your hotel, or will it be brought in from a caterer.

When you want your hotel referred as the prime location for meetings and events, where renting out the room or event hall for a nominal fee helps your bottom line; here is where Wi-Fi connectivity, can make or break that vision and affect your client’s meetings or events too.

Some hotels have a separate Wi-Fi and internet account setup, used only for meetings and events. No guest or staff have access to this service or the signal. That allows the hotel to provide customized high-value features. Along with the room or hall rental, a specialized internet package is made available to the client, where they can set up a custom website page, log in, bandwidth tiers.

Bonus Secret #4 – Network Designing Service Levels

Guest needs and the latest technologies are always changing. The changes you want to make can be designed beforehand for future technology growth. When something new comes along, you can adopt right away. But before you make any guest room or hotel internet or Wi-Fi changes, speak with a Communication Technology Specialist.

The CTS follows the Wi-Fi and IoT trends that are always evolving. Sitting with a specialist, to plan out your hotel’s wireless, wired and guestroom needs, you’ll end up with a one-stop technology solution. When you speak to an IT Consultant, similar to the staff at Rafiki Technologies, they will show you how your layout will be efficient, capture high-performance, experience stronger internet connections and a Wi-Fi signal that never goes weak.

As for as your investment with the upgrades, it may be a little bit more per month. But the price a hotel owner or proprietor pays for bad reviews is lost revenue and fewer check-ins.

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