Look around you. Your desk lamp, your headphones, that smartphone in your hands — everything you own and use daily was created in the mind of an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Day

Sure, it may be mass-produced now, but at one time, every item in existence had to be thought up, created, and marketed for the very first time. It took the innovative and productive mind of a special entrepreneur to do that.

Today, entrepreneurs still exist as they always have, but because of mass production, globalism, big box stores, and yes, the Internet, they’re not as celebrated as they once were. Entrepreneurs’ Day is bringing back the much-deserved admiration and appreciation of the entrepreneur.

Below, learn exactly what Entrepreneurs’ Day is, how it started, and how you can celebrate this 2018!

What Is Entrepreneurs’ Day and Why Is It Special?

Entrepreneurs’ Day is a day that celebrates the men and women in this country who are able to build something out of nothing. Entrepreneurs certainly think up, produce, and market the things you use, collect, have fun with, and eat on a daily basis. But they’re much more than that.

Entrepreneurs are special because of their innovation and creativity, but they also create jobs and spur the economy. Many entrepreneurs help small- and medium-sized towns grow and develop. They give opportunities to those that might not otherwise have them, and they donate to and care for their communities. Entrepreneurs have built what you see today.

Sadly, there are fewer new business ideas sprouting up around the United States today than ever before. Often, this is because small businesses who make an attempt to get off the ground aren’t able to earn enough to maintain their footing. Building a business out of nothing is certainly no easy task.

Entrepreneurs’ Day aims to change all of this by uplifting and celebrating entrepreneurs. It’s a day to pay tribute to these amazing businessmen and women — and maybe even become one yourself.

When Is Entrepreneurs’ Day?

Entrepreneurs’ Day is always on the third Tuesday of November. In 2018, Entrepreneurs’ Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, November 20th.

History of Entrepreneurs’ Day

The term entrepreneur was first coined by French economist Jean-Baptiste Say in 1800 to denote someone who “shifts economic resources out of an area of lower and into an area of higher productivity and greater yield.” Entrepreneurs’ Day began in 2012 when President Barack Obama declared the month of November in the United States to be National Entrepreneurship Month.

Top Ways to Participate in Entrepreneurs’ Day

When you’re an entrepreneur yourself …

1. Get together with other entrepreneurs in your area.

Form a club or organization where local entrepreneurs can share their ideas and new concepts they’d like to bring forth. Even if it’s just an informal get-together, it’s a way to begin an important dialogue among entrepreneurs in your community.

2. Mentor another entrepreneur.

If you’ve successfully gotten off the ground as an entrepreneur in your own industry, consider mentoring someone else who is just beginning. Give them advice, shout out their product or service on your own social media pages, or just give them a pat on the back and some inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward.

3. Have a celebration!

If you own your own startup small business or are just starting out with a new product or service, celebrate Entrepreneurs’ Day by offering your customers and clients special discounts or a fun event. Even if your budget isn’t up for deals and sales quite yet, you can have an open house with cookies and punch or do a small giveaway of some sort to celebrate the day.

When you’d like to support entrepreneurs …

1. Shop with entrepreneurs in your area.

Shopping for holiday gifts or birthday presents? Looking for new clothes or items for your kitchen? Don’t go to the big box stores or the Internet this time. Shop with local entrepreneurs. Alternatively, if there aren’t any start-up small businesses in your community, you can certainly connect with entrepreneurs online who aren’t part of big-box chains.

2. Thank an entrepreneur

Know someone who has started their own business in the past or is hoping to in the future? Give them a shout out “thank you!” on social media, or thank them in person.

3. Talk about it!

Finally, remember that Entrepreneurs’ Day exists and persists largely by word-of-mouth, so spread the word! You can use social media on the days leading up to Entrepreneurs’ Day to tell your friends, family, and followers about this day — and of course, use the suggestions listed above to celebrate yourself when November 20throlls around!

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