Position: Full-time

About Rafiki Technologies


Rafiki Technologies is a managed IT services provider headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.


The technology industry is continuing to grow at a rapid rate and is becoming increasingly more complicated. Rafiki Technologies has expertise in untangling that complication to offer our clients clear and concise solutions that ensure they stay competitive and relevant.


We offer expert industry knowledge to help get our clients’ internal processes streamlined and their sales team competitive. We take the burden of technology off our clients’ shoulders and provide pin-point focus on what they need in order to scale their business.


WANTED: Great King Sales Hunter


The Inside Sales Representative is responsible for supporting the sales team.

In this role, your responsibilities will include nurturing and warming up of all sales leads and opportunities. Inside sales will qualify opportunities to hand off to the business development representative, or “hunter.”


Why Join Our Circle of Life?


Rafiki has a welcoming, friendly work culture that fosters innovation and growth. We’re hiring local talent, investing in new solutions and developing strategic partnerships within Calgary to ensure we can offer the best service possible.


If you didn’t pick up on The Lion King references yet, Rafiki is a character from Disney classic movie. He is a leader who uses his wisdom to guide those in need. Rafiki Technologies parallels the character, as we too use our knowledge and experience to guide our clients towards the right IT solutions that help set their business up for success.


The office is a collaborative environment where each team member’s opinion is strongly valued; we all work together to achieve organizational goals (and have fun doing it!).



Your role:


Desired skills and qualifications



Compensation: base salary + commission


Please submit a two-minute video describing yourself, your skills pertaining to this role and why Rafiki Technologies would be a good place to work.careers@rafiki.ca


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Practice management software, intraoral cameras, digital x-ray, patient education system. With our approach to IT project delivery, we help keep budgets in line with projected costs.