Are you looking for an IT company in Calgary who understand the Calgary Hotel Industry?

Hotels in Calgary have complex IT needs. They operate 24/7 and need networks that support multiple business operations, from front-desk check-in to online registrations to payment card processing. They need WiFi networks that are accessible to guests and meeting attendees and separate networks that allow hotel employees to do their work.

Downtime on any one of the systems or networks can cause havoc for hotel operations. Disruptions can cause operations to grind to a halt and destroy the brand reputation and repeat business.

The need for reliable networks and operations means the demand is high for computer services for hotels in Calgary. Rafiki Technologies is the top choice of boutique hotels and national chains with hotels in the Calgary area. When your hotel is looking for network reliability and rapid service, you need a partner that can provide you with IT assessment, network configuration, and on-site support.

How Do We Provide Secure Wireless Networks for Hotel Staff and Guests?

When you need to secure WiFi for Calgary hotels, you need to provide always-on, secure connections. These networks need to be easy to connect to and provide easy authentication. For some hotels, it also means authenticating to different tiers of service, some of which may require payments or are based on the level of frequent stay programs the guest belongs to.

Those networks may be different for guest rooms versus other public areas, meeting and conference rooms, or convention space. In addition, there need to be separate secure WiFi networks for hotel employees, allowing them to interact with each other and servers no matter where they are located within the hotel property.

How Can Better IT Improve Guest Experiences?

Smart IT solutions for hotels in Calgary can have a major impact on the guest experience. After long days of travel or sightseeing, your guests want easy access to their emails, apps, and other information via smartphones, tablets, and laptops, all operating on different operating system versions. Reliability at the end of a long day goes a long way.

Better IT does not start and end with WiFi. You want to ensure that your guests have great experiences from the minute they walk in the doors to your property. That means providing excellent and fast experiences at the front desk. Nothing can frustrate a traveler more than a “the computer is acting up today” response from a front desk staff member. The same goes with other aspects of the hotel’s IT system, whether it be completing transactions at the lounge or hotel restaurant, making a purchase in a gift shop or spa, or taking an important call in the lobby while waiting for a cab to arrive.

What do these experiences provide? Faster and more responsive experiences for your guests, better reviews on online review sites, and more repeat business.

What Can Be Done to Improve Point of Sale and Registration Systems?

Each hotel has different IT needs. That’s why Rafiki spends the time to understand what your hotel needs, what its issues with technology are and what efficiencies can be gained. We then develop and deploy a solution that’s designed specifically for your property, not some generic solution using products that may not be needed, which is an approach many IT providers take.

We’ll develop a network structure that optimizes your workstations, servers, cabling, and applications, giving your employees access to the tools they need to provide exceptional service. At every area of your front-facing and back-room operations, you’ll have optimized systems that work effectively for employees and guests alike.

How Can We Maintain PCI Compliance and Keep Data Secure?

Calgary hotels are handling hundreds if not thousands of financial transactions every day. Making sure these transactions are secure and compliant with payment card industry (PCI) guidelines is critical.

With secure solutions and monitored transactions, you can keep all your data secure. Solutions that are constantly monitoring networks and data allow for rapid identification of unusual activity or patterns. When suspicious activity is identified early, swift action can be taken to keep data, users, customers, employees, and systems secure.

With Rafiki as your proven technology partner, you can help keep your hotel operating at its finest. When you need to roll out the red carpet every day, you need a strategic IT partner that can keep your systems and networks in peak operating condition. To learn more about Rafiki solutions, contact us today.

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