Calgary oil and gas companies have complex needs that require reliable, secure and safe technology solutions. For those working in the Calgary oil patch, it’s essential to have a trusted Oil & Gas IT support partner that understands these complexities and has the experience to resolve issues.

When it comes to oil and gas IT services need to work in difficult remote locations, providing clear communications, data access, and network reliability. Field workers need to be able to connect with colleagues in the home office and get the information they need in the moment of need.

Rafiki Technologies is an oil and gas IT company in Calgary with deep experience in oil and gas work. Our IT support oil industry professionals receive helps them do their job efficiently and effectively. By outsourcing your IT services to Rafiki, you can focus on core business needs and operations.

How Does Rafiki Support Communication From the Field to the Office?

Field-to-office communication is an absolute must, requiring an IT framework and structure that supports remote employees. We begin by assessing your current IT infrastructure, tools, devices and software. We create and deploy solutions that are designed to emphasize and prioritize remote connectivity. Network configurations, collaborative communication applications, and system integrations help keep workers doing field work accessible.

One of the biggest issues for oil and gas companies is the need to transfer large files and data sets. Here are a few of the industry-specific data issues Rafiki can help resolve:

  • Transmission and receipt of well log data and decline curve data
  • Store, send, manage and use massive amounts of sensor data
  • Reservoir management improvements via analytics, visualizations and modeling
  • Remote reporting
  • Mobile application functionality

Can Rafiki Support Our Oil & Gas Software?

With our extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, Rafiki is familiar with the most common software programs. We can ensure that your applications are integrated and optimized for peak performance. Whether it’s mapping and GIS, financial and production accounting, field data capture, geological and geophysical, land management, land sales, project management or office productivity, we provide software support that keeps applications working harmoniously.

Our support services include a help desk that can be accessed by email, phone or an online portal. We troubleshoot issues quickly and remotely to get hardware and software working when it’s needed.

What’s more, Rafiki can act as a vendor liaison to interact and resolve issues on your behalf. we also will manage software and hardware updates and upgrades by coordinating patch management, service pack installations license renewals, and hardware contracts. We will track and administer warranties related to your technology, saving you money if there’s a covered problem.

We can also help manage your website and interface with your internet service provider.

How Can We Keep Data Secure?

Data security is top of mind for many executives in the oil and gas industry. Proprietary information and insights, customer information and other key strategic data and documents need to be protected. With Rafiki, our managed IT services include robust protections at every level. Firewalls keep the perimeter of your networks secure and keep cyberattackers out.

Other tools protect your users with anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing programs. Web filtering can block inappropriate content on networked devices and improve worker productivity.

We provide data backup and storage services that ensure that your information is protected in the case of an attack or natural disaster. With our disaster recovery services, you will be back up and running quickly.

Our security structure is enhanced by the constant monitoring of your system, devices, and users. We monitor for unusual activity and patterns in your network. We identify, contain and neutralize bad actors looking to do harm to your system.

Finally, Rafiki regularly assesses the state of your network’s security, recommending adjustments, new technologies or changes in policy and procedures that mitigate problems.

Does Managed IT Assist With Regulatory Mandates?

We understand that for oil and gas companies, regulatory compliance is a key part of doing business. Whether it’s local mandates, provincial standards, or policies on energy declared by the National Energy Board, companies need to be sure that their technologies and reporting are sound and maintain compliance. Rafiki stays on top of the regulatory landscape and alerts our oil and gas customers of changes that may affect how business is conducted.

What Technologies Should I Be Exploring?

With Rafiki as your technology partner, you have access to our expertise and industry knowledge. We act as a virtual chief technology officer for your company. Our skilled advisors can help you leverage your existing technology for better competitive advantage. We can also help guide strategic IT planning, capacity planning, and IT budgeting.

With the growth and emergence of many new technologies — cloud solutions, the Internet of Things, automation and virtual reality to name a few — we help oil and gas companies stay ahead of the technology curve.

Rafiki has the experience, solutions, and reliability you depend on. Contact us to learn more about how we can keep your technology working reliably and efficiently.

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