Looking For A New Managed IT Services Company In Calgary?
Ready To Make The Switch To Calgary’s Most Trusted Managed IT Services Provider!

Why should you switch to a managed service provider?  Why should you switch to Rafiki Technologies as your Calgary managed IT services provider?

So, your computers crashed, and you had a computer-fix-it company come and get things running again. A few days go by, and you get a bill in the mail for hundreds of dollars more than you expected.


You talk to some of your friends in other businesses…

Some are facing the same computer-fix-it bill pain that you are, but then there are others that are happy with what they are spending on IT support.

What’s the difference?

The likely difference is that the business-leader friends that are happy have invested in IT Managed Services from a company like {company}.

Rafiki Tops The Managed IT Services Provider List In Calgary

You see… IT Managed Services is a different way of keeping your computer systems running efficiently. Managed Service Providers deliver comprehensive, proactive IT support for a monthly budgeted fee. As a result, these companies are incentivized to keep your systems running flawlessly.

In contrast, your average break/fix computer repair company is sitting in their office just waiting and hoping that your systems will crash so they can make some money.

That’s the difference.

So, what makes more sense to you? A or B?

A – A company that will continually care for your computers and keeps them running in return for a budgeted, monthly fee.

B – A company that is waiting for you to experience downtime so they can fix your computers and makes a buck with big surprise bills.

Option “A” just makes sense, doesn’t it?

{company} is the Managed Service Provider that will implement, integrate, manage, and monitor everything connected to your network to give you a seamless and dependable business technology experience. We don’t take shortcuts, and we don’t wait until your computers stop working before we fix them. We are proactive. We’ll make sure that everything is kept in top condition to support your workflow.

The fantastic staff of {company} stands ready to deliver outstanding IT services for your business!

  • Cloud Services – delivering high-capacity, global collaboration
  • Email Services – giving you secure, efficient written communications
  • Network Security and Monitoring – employing high-impact protections to keep your business safe
  • Mobile Device Management – providing your business with full mobile functionality
  • Information Services – IT consulting for executive assessments, planning, and project management
  • Data Backup – enabling simple storage and backup while maintaining compliance standards
  • Hardware and Software Procurement – seeking out the best hardware and software for your unique business processes
  • Managed WIFI – keeping safety and wireless speed consistent
  • Structured Cabling – bringing wiring expertise to your expansion projects
  • Office 365 & G Suite – helping you make the most of office productivity tools
  • Microsoft Exchange Hosting – leveraging years of Microsoft Exchange expertise for your business
  • Managed IT – ensuring that your systems stay functional and meet your high expectations
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity – planning to meet the challenges of unexpected situations that could injure your business
  • Support Desk – answering your questions and responding to any IT emergencies

Partner with the IT support team that will help you get the most return on your IT investment!

Lets’ get started.

Call the friendly computer support staff of {company} now at {phone} or send an email to {email}

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