Get Ahead of Technology Downtime with IT Care from Rafiki Technologies, Inc

Team up with {company} for proactive IT Management with Managed Services and enjoy stress-free productivity.

Why? Because it’s always cheaper to be PROACTIVE than it is to be REACTIVE.

We address IT issues preemptively BEFORE they can negatively affect your business.

When we come to visit, we want it to be so we can talk about the next step for your business, not because we have to fix yet another problem – so we fix the little issues BEFORE they become big problems.

How do we do it?

  • Regular maintenance – to ensure optimal operation
  • Installation of updates and upgrades – to stay current and safe from threats
  • Help in planning for tomorrow – because no technology lasts forever
  • Monitoring of IT – to watch your systems 24/7 for dangers and anomalies
  • Remote support – to save you the hassle of having us at your office disrupting workflow

Why Managed Services from {company}?

  • PROACTIVE – We will utilize monitoring and maintenance to stay ahead of potential problems
  • WORK – We will earn our pay – not just cash a check each month.
  • PARTNERSHIP – We will build a relationship of trust and mutual benefit.
  • EXPERIENCE – We will never send a Level 1 Engineer to do work that requires more expertise.

What’s Included in Our IT Care Managed Services Offering?

  • Strategic Management
  • Professional Support
  • Comprehensive Suite of Services
  • Day-to-Day Expertise

Key Benefits:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Availability
  • Augment Your Skills, Experience, and Staffing Level
  • All Technology Solutions are Covered
  • Customize Your Perfect Plan
  • Access to Industry-Leading Support

The {company} team will help your employees stay productive and enable your business to make progress without IT hassles and headaches. We will:

  • Stop problems before they happen – to give you reliability
  • Respond quickly – to any issues that do arise
  • Plan ahead – to keep you safe from cybercrime
  • Streamline your systems – to give you high efficiency

Your IT Needs Supervision!

You are careful to supervise your employees. You make sure that they are doing their jobs in the most effective ways, and that the work is actually getting done. But who is supervising your business technology? Who makes sure that your security solutions are up to date and functioning correctly? What about confirming your backups and checking that they can be easily recovered?

There are a lot of things that go into correctly managing the IT of a business. Sure, you could run your technology hard and fast — ‘till it breaks down and costs you big bucks in replacement costs and break/fix bills at the very worst time possible — but like your car, it’s just better just to keep it maintained.

That’s what the {company} team does! For an easily budgeted monthly fee, we comprehensively care for your entire IT system. No more surprise bills. It’s all covered. We do all those frustrating updates, upgrades, and patches for you – so you can do the work that makes you money.

Depend on the {company} team for:

  • Consultative Approach
  • Comprehensive IT Care
  • Complete Security Implementation
  • Consistent Backup and Recovery

Can’t seem to find your “computer-fix-it” guy when you really need him?

{company} Managed Services is the answer.

We’re different!

We believe in taking care of your IT maintenance on a daily basis, so you don’t experience massive downtime and lose thousands of dollars because of poorly maintained IT.

With Managed Services from {company}, you get a complete bundle of IT care that includes security, consulting, mobile, and backup solutions.

Everything you need to grow your company without IT worries!

Managed Services provided by the {company} team gives you reliable performance and predictable expenses.

What does that mean for you?

It means more efficiency and more productivity.

Our Complete IT Care Support Services help your business reach its full potential.

Your business is complex…and so is your technology.

That’s why your business needs to work with {company}.

We’ll help you maximize the value of your IT investment.

Why’s that important?

When your business technology functions properly, it makes your life better and your business more profitable.

We’re ready to help you move your business to the next plateau.

Your technology is the foundation of your business.

If your IT isn’t working to its fullest potential, your employees can’t work efficiently.

Break/fix IT contractors and IT service providers that don’t deliver…

They aren’t the answer.

We even make our Managed Services offering easy for you to budget!

Our Complete IT Care Support Services are available at a fixed monthly fee.

Just think about it…

No more surprise or unexpected computer fix-it bills,


We’re only successful when your systems are working flawlessly.

How does that work?


We deliver an all-inclusive, flat-rate, IT care solution for businesses like yours.

Just one simple, monthly IT payment covers it all!

We have a financial incentive to keep your IT running in tip-top shape – every single day.

The better your systems run, the more profitable our business is.

Our interests are aligned with YOURS!

Need some help for your in-house IT staffers?

No problem!

So many IT staffers are overworked and overwhelmed.

Are your IT employees pulling out their hair?

Let us share the burden and help them out.

You want to prevent downtime from happening at all costs, and we have the solution for you.

By combining strict adherence to IT best practices, regular updates, and top-shelf solutions, we deliver seamless, secure, and productive IT working environments.

Let us give you the confidence of a productive IT environment with 99.999% uptime.

{company} will be your reliable IT partner.

Eliminate IT hassles and guessing games and focus on what’s important in your business.

Wouldn’t your business function better if…

  • You had someone to do all of your antivirus, backups, firewall management, and spam control – automatically?
  • You had someone to answer your IT questions?
  • You had someone who could advise on how IT impacts expansion and new product?
  • You had someone who was deeply invested in the smooth, trouble-free functioning of your IT?
  • You had someone who made it their business to provide you with high performance, seamless IT?

Let’s get started! Contact our friendly team of IT professionals now at {phone} or {email}

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