Our computers are down more than they are up. Is this normal? I expect better of my IT support company!

Rafiki Technologies, Inc has the answer.

Your assistant has just called you at home on your ONE evening off work. The computers have crashed again. This is the fourth time in as many months, and it’s starting to get frustrating – and expensive. Every time the system slows down – or dies altogether – productivity comes to a screeching halt, employees get irritated, and customers get irate. It’s time for a change. But what to do? Get better IT Support!

Our expert IT support staff work closely with companies just like yours to provide them with a business technology foundation that supports their workflow without interruption. We will do the same for you!

We know you have questions about our IT support offering. Let’s answer some of them for you now.

How does your IT support work?

We begin our computer support relationship with a client by assessing the current health of their IT environment. We thoroughly survey every piece of hardware and software that resides on your network and determine the best course of action from that point. Following this assessment, recommendations are made to your executive regarding the aspects of your IT systems that require remediation and what is functioning well.

Once we have reviewed and properly re-configured anything outstanding within your existing systems, we move into a process of discovery to see how your IT systems can be tweaked to better facilitate your workflow.

That’s all within the setup process. When setup is done, we don’t walk away from you. We continue to monitor and maintain your systems while our help desk personnel stand by to answer any questions or address any issues that may surface.

Who do you send to our office if there’s a problem?

What you really want to know is… “If my computers break down, is {company} going to send an inexperienced tech who is going to take way too long to find and fix the issue?” Absolutely not. All our technicians are capable, experienced, and industry certified.

We’ll send the right person with the appropriate skillset for the issue that you may face, and we’ll get your systems back to full strength quickly.

What does your IT managed support service cover?

Within our IT managed support service, we deliver all the monitoring, maintenance, IT advice, on-site support, and remote support your business needs to keep your processes rolling. We won’t leave you stuck.

How does your billing work?

Many business leaders are surprised to discover that we deliver a full-service IT management package for an easily- budgeted monthly fee. That’s right… no more surprise break/fix bills! For one reasonable monthly fee, you get comprehensive IT support and an IT environment that won’t let you down in the middle of a busy work day. It’s a great deal! Not only do you get full-tier IT support, but you also get an outsourced computer support team with the right business model.

Well, the break/fix contractors that many businesses use to upkeep their computer systems make their money when your business technology has died, and you are losing productivity and revenue. We are different. In our business model, we are most profitable when you are most profitable! We make money when your systems are working well, and your employees are using their computers without speed bumps or frustrations.

That’s proactive IT managed services!

Moving to comprehensive IT support from {company} just makes sense!

Let’s think about this together… What are your other options?

  • Do nothing – and keep losing money every time your systems decide to slow down or shut down.
  • Call your regular “computer-fix-it” guy – wait and wait for him to show up and hope that he can get you going
  • Get frustrated at your hardware and buy all new equipment – But who is going to set it up? And how long before it breaks down?

As you can see, the alternatives are not pretty. It’s time to do things differently. It’s time to make the best technology choice your company has ever made.

It’s time to call the IT support professionals of {company}.

We love helping businesses like yours discover the freedom and flexibility of well-maintained business technology systems!

Let’s get started now by calling {phone} or sending an email to {email} for a no-obligation conversation about your technology needs.

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