Why does it take so long for my IT company to respond to my questions or support tickets?

Are you staring at a blank computer screen and ready to pull your hair out in frustration? You’re not alone. Hundreds of business leaders across the country face this same challenge every day. Why? Because they are dealing with IT companies that are not capable of getting the job done or just don’t care to respond to their support tickets. Either way, it’s a huge inconvenience and the financial costs of downtime and lost productivity are staggering.

But let’s answer the question… Why can’t you get them on the telephone when you need them? Why don’t they care about your support tickets?

Here are some possible answers to these hard questions:

1. Your account isn’t big enough for them to take your problems seriously.

It’s sad, but many small computer support companies prioritize the work they do in a given day by how much money they have either made from that client or stand to gain from that client. So… If you’re not the client with the big bucks, you may be out of luck. They’re not going to take time away from a big job to answer your little question.

2. They see answering support calls as a nuisance rather than seeing it as the lifeblood of their business.

We’ve all had that feeling. You know the one. You’ve picked up the phone to get some help from a company whose services you pay for every month. The phone rings and rings. You leave message after message. And when you finally get through to a person – or by some miracle they call you back – they act annoyed and pretend that they are doing some big favor for you. But they’re not doing you a favor. They get PAID to answer your support questions and come when you need them the most. You are the boss – not them. But, whatever they have going on always seems to trump the IT needs of your business. Sad.

3. They took on too much work for their size and expertise.

Sure, we can feel for these IT support guys. They are just trying to grow their business. But if they are growing it at your expense, can they really be trusted? They’re spread too thin, and they have too many clients to support. But they haven’t hired to fill in the gaps. So… Your company gets the short end of the stick. Your IT systems problems are just getting worse. You can’t wait for your current IT team to get their act together and hire the IT support experts that they need to care for all their clients. You need IT help NOW.

4. They’ve lost the passion and drive they once had for their work.

It happens. And we feel sorry for these overworked and often burnt-out techs. But their loss of passion for business technology and customer service shouldn’t be your problem. After all, you WANT to pay them to fix your technology problems and give you a seamless IT experience, but they just don’t seem to have the interest in doing the job they were contracted to do. When passion leaves a business, so does customer service. Don’t let THEIR lack of passion hurt your business! Get in contact with the friendly IT professionals of {company}. We’ll help you get your business technology to full-throttle and enable your employees to function at their best.

The fantastic staff of {company} stands ready to deliver outstanding IT services for your business!

  • Cloud Services – delivering high-capacity, global collaboration
  • Email Services – giving you secure, efficient written communications
  • Network Security and Monitoring – employing high-impact protections to keep your business safe
  • Mobile Device Management – providing your business with full mobile functionality
  • Information Services – IT consulting for executive assessments, planning, and project management
  • Data Backup – enabling simple storage and backup while maintaining compliance standards
  • Hardware and Software Procurement – seeking out the best hardware and software for your unique business processes
  • Managed WIFI – keeping safety and wireless speed consistent
  • Structured Cabling – bringing wiring expertise to your expansion projects
  • Office 365 & G Suite – helping you make the most of office productivity tools
  • Microsoft Exchange Hosting – leveraging years of Microsoft Exchange expertise for your business
  • Managed IT – ensuring that your systems stay functional and meet your high expectations
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity – meeting the challenges of unexpected situations
  • Support Desk – answering your questions and responding to any IT emergencies and support tickets

Partner with the IT support team that will respond quickly when you need them!

Lets’ get started.

Call the friendly computer support staff of {company} now at {phone} or send an email to {email}

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