What Features Should You Look For In Dental Software?

There are endless options available to you when it comes to dental software – what’s the best way to figure out which one is right for you?

Healthcare technology is one of the fastest evolving sectors of business IT in the world, and for good reason. It’s not just about delivering a great user experience, or keeping the total cost of ownership reasonable; it’s about improving the way healthcare professionals interact with and treat patients.

Bottom line? Healthcare technology is simply more important and can do more good than the average IT solutions because it has an effect on how patients are cared for.

How To Find The Right Dental Software?

The reality is that, since the healthcare industry is so vast and the need for constantly improving technology is so considerable, there’s no end of options available to you. With so many vendors vying for your business, how can you narrow down the options and choose the best one for you?

It’s all about finding the one that has the features that will really support the work you do every day – improving not just your experience as a healthcare professional, but your patients’ experience too.

What Features Should You Look For In Dental Software?

There are countless gimmicks out there on the market when it comes to dental software, but in the end, it’s only a key few that will really change the way your dental practice operates, for the better.

The right dental software will…

  1. …Improve How You Communicate With Patients.
    As much as your work should just be about dental care and hygiene, the fact is that it’s just as much about administration, communication, and organization. The right dental software will support these efforts.Similar to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, your dental software should make it a simple process to automate confirmations in order to reduce late and no-show appointments, automatically send welcome packages to new patients that sign up at your practice, as well as market to and reactivate past patients with mass communications based on short-term promotions.

    Beyond automation, the dental software you choose should also offer new ways of communication that allow your patients to interact the way they prefer. Instead of having to call each patient any time you need to make contact, you should instead be able to send a text or email easily, based on what they prefer.


  2. …Boost Your Mobility.
    It’s simply not acceptable to be stuck at the office anymore. With the introduction of cloud computing to the business world around a decade ago, long gone are the days of working late at the office, coming in early in the morning, or worse yet, returning to your practice after you’ve gone home just to access a patient file.The dental software you choose should automatically allow you to access all your patient and other work data from wherever you need to on a tablet or smartphone. Whether you’re at home and need to double check when a patient’s last appointment was, or on the go and need to confirm something else in a patient’s file, it should be as easy as opening an app on your mobile device.

    You should have universal (and secure) access to:

    1. Your office schedule
    2. Appointment details
  • Clinical notes
  1. Restorative charts
  2. Periodontal charts
  3. Digital images
  • Patient information
  1. …Simplify Patient Data Transfers.
    It’s in the nature of the healthcare industry that at some point you’ll have to share patient data, either as a part of a referral or simple between locations in a multi-location practice.
    And you should be able to do so – easily, securely, and digitally!The right dental software will make that simple for you. No longer will you have to courier a patient chart from one office to another. Instead, you can set up a patient data exchange and easily send the following from one authorized location to another:

    1. Complete patient charts
    2. Odontograms
  • X-rays
  1. Medical histories
  2. Other patient documentation

What’s more – all of this should be confidently secure and totally encrypted. The right dental software will even offer password protection as an additional layer of security.

In a nutshell, the right dental software will make what you already do, easier. Simple as that – but, does that sound too good to be true? The good news is that it isn’t.

ClearDent offers every feature listed above and more. Nothing unnecessary, nothing superfluous. Just what you need to make what you do more efficient and effective.

Rafiki is proud to support ClearDent implementations for orthodontists, oral surgeons and general dentistry practices throughout Calgary and Southern Alberta. If you’re looking for the right dental software to improve the way you interact with patients and their data, then look no further.

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