How Will Working With Shaw and Rafiki Technologies Improve The Technology You Use Every Day?

The benefits offered by Shaw Communications can be applied to every traditional type of business technology, from your telephones to your security. This is precisely what Shaw Communications solutions are designed to offer.

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard a lot about the cloud. It’s a big part of consumer and business technology, but what’s often lost in the buzz is exactly what it can do – in specific terms. There’s so much talk about storing files in the cloud, moving into the cloud, etc.

The question is – what difference will the cloud really make in the workplace?

The answer lies in how cloud-optimized versions of the tech you use every day (telephones, security systems, and more) make your life a little simpler. That’s a key goal for Shaw Communication’s line of cloud-enabled “smart” solutions. They take something you already use, and make it better – that is, more cost-effective, more user-friendly, etc.

Security Cameras + The Cloud = SmartSurveillance

Staying secure isn’t just about cybersecurity – there are still the conventional, physical threats to keep an eye on.

Unfortunately, traditional security and surveillance solutions don’t have a lot to offer the business world today. Grainy footage, inconvenient recording, limited storage space and other issues plague the usual closed-circuit camera systems.

So what do you get when you move your surveillance systems into the cloud?


Shaw Communication’s cloud-managed security camera systems help you keep an eye on your premises for a simple monthly fee (starting at $24.95 per month on a five-year term). In what specific ways does SmartSurveillance beat out conventional security cameras?

  • Encrypted, high definition cameras that capture footage you can easily use and understand
  • Intelligent monitoring that makes it easy to locate the footage you’re looking for, allowing you to search by heat-mapped activity based on motion-tracking
  • By storing footage in the cloud, you can view and manage it from anywhere, instead of having to access physical tapes and real-world storage.

Business Telephones + The Cloud = SmartVoice

Traditional phone systems are a thing of past. Landlines are expensive, rigid and inconvenient, so why not modernize your business’ phone systems?

The move to SmartVoice offers improvements in efficiency, reliability, and quality, all at an affordable cost. Landline phones are becoming obsolete – by choosing to remain with a landline system, you may become obsolete as well.

SmartVoice provides improved efficiency by limiting issues that come from having to replace or fix phones, as well as complicated management of adding and or removing employees. On traditional landline phone systems, you would have to wait lengthy periods of time for a phone to be replaced, or for a truck to be dispatched to fix issues. All this time spent waiting for a fix costs you money.

With a SmartVoice system, you don’t have to deal with these issues, which means less downtime. SmartVoice also improves efficiency by providing you with numerous options for routing and answering calls, without the expensive on-premises technology and staff.

Features include:

  • Improved reliability by delivering a clear, seamless quality of phone service.
  • Call recording to help you stay present in meetings instead of taking notes and the ability to playback calls as need be to double check a detail
  • Auto attendant that acts as your virtual receptionist, making for professional and simple call transfers

SmartVoice saves 40-80% compared to the cost of traditional landline phone service. Landlines now cost more than SmartVoice phone systems both in the initial setup, as well as in ongoing contracts. For example, landlines for five employees cost an average of $563/month, while SmartVoice services start at $65.00 per month on a three-year term.

Internet Connectivity + The Cloud = SmartWifi

Shaw Communication’s SmartWifi is designed with one primary goal: working properly and consistently so that you don’t have to worry about it. After all, there really is nothing worse than slow, inconsistent WiFi, right? When offered as an amenity on airplanes, it’s arguably preferable to have no WiFi rather than pay a premium for WiFi that barely works.

SmartWiFi ensures that you don’t have to sit there, staring at your computer, waiting for your email to load. You won’t have to disconnect and reconnect your WiFi time and time again, hoping to kick-start a connection. You won’t have to reset your router twice a day just to download an attachment from a coworker.

As desirable as reliable Wifi is, that’s not all that SmartWiFi has to offer – additional features include:

  • Enterprise-grade equipment that ensures your entire office or offices will be covered by a full-strength signal
  • An optimized user portal that makes it easy for you to manage minor changes and configurations for your network
  • Automatic updates through the cloud that keep your WiFi up to date and fully patched
  • Powerful analytic tools that track your customers’ habits while connected to your WiFi to inform your customer relations and marketing

Even better – SmartWifi offers three WiFi networks for a single monthly payment (starting at $80.00/per month). One for your employees to use for their work, one for your guests that visit your business, and Shaw GO Wifi, which allows users to save their mobile data and instead connect to Canada’s largest WiFi hotspot network

These are just a few of the ways that the cloud can transform a technology you’re already familiar with to make it even better. Greater reliability increased access and convenience, and lower costs are all key differentiators offered by the cloud. All you have to do is get on board.

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