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As a part of our continual search for the very best technology solutions to deliver to our clients, the {company} team partners with well-known world leaders of technology development. This diversity in sourcing technology allows us to have an independent approach and gives us the flexibility to tailor a solution for the specific needs of your business.

What do we look for in a strategic partnership with a hardware or software vendor that we use to deliver IT solutions to clients like you?

  • Proven Reliability – We want to deliver dependable technology to our clients.
  • Public Track Record – We value transparency and purposely work with companies that are honest about both their successes and their failures.
  • Predictable Outcomes – We choose to cooperate with suppliers who provide outcomes that are reliable – no surprises for our clients.
  • Potential – We are always evaluating new technology.

 In the end, however, the services that our team of stellar technology professionals delivers are not about our suppliers – it is about the EXPERIENCE that we provide to you, our clients.

 The technology is simply the vehicle that we use to bring you a working environment that is:

  • Secure – free of annoying adware, malware, and more dangerous cyber-crime tactics
  • Seamless – optimized to be a tailored fit your company’s work processes
  • Supported – guaranteed answers for your IT questions and resolutions to any issues that may arise

 Some of Our Strategic Partners:

Cisco Systems, Inc is a multinational technology corporation based in the Silicon Valley.  Cisco designs, produces, and sells hardware for networking as well as other products for advanced technical uses.  Cisco is a leader in very specific technology markets including the Internet of Things (IoT), domain security, and energy management.  Cisco also sells communications equipment for a variety of different mediums.


HP (Hewlett-Packard), a company based in Palo Alto, California, specializes in hardware and software solutions for small and large scale businesses as well as corporations with a focus on education, healthcare, and government. Hewlett Packard designs, produces, and sells computers and computer-related devices and accessories such as printers and other imaging design products.  Hewlett-Packard is active in providing data storage and networking services as well as software design.


Dell Inc is an American based technology company involved in every aspect of computing.  Dell is active in sales, repair, production, and technical services for both hardware and software. Dell prides itself on being at the forefront of technological advances – including cloud computing and data storage systems.


Lenovo Group Ltd, headquartered in Beijing, China, is the world leader in computer sales.  Lenovo engineers its own hardware and software – ThinkPad, IdeaPad, and Yoga (notebook computing), as well as IdeaCentre and ThinkCentre (desktop computing).  Lenovo produces entertainment units and business accessories such as technologically advanced televisions and smartphones along with data management solutions and storage options.


VMware, a division of Dell Technologies, is a California-based company that specializes in virtualization and cloud software.  VMware’s software is unique in that it operates on both Windows-based computer systems as well as computers which function without an additional operating system.

Microsoft, located in Redmond, Washington, is a large-scale, internationally recognized technology company.  Microsoft designs, creates, and manufactures its own hardware and software.  Microsoft is best known for its Windows operating systems as well as Internet Explorer, the Microsoft Office Suite, and the Edge web browsers.  In addition to this, Microsoft is the creator of the Xbox console and line of gaming products and the Microsoft Surface tablet and its successors.

Citrix has it’s headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is a software company that does business in nations across the globe. Citrix specializes in virtualization of servers, applications, and desktops, as well as offerings in the areas of networking, software as a service (SaaS), and cloud computing.


Shaw Communications Inc is a Canadian provider of internet, voice, data and television services. {company} partners with this fiber-optic based industry leader to supply and support the internet, voice, data, and television needs of our clients.


SonicWall is  a part of Dell Software held by  Francisco Partners and Elliott Management, a private equity firm. SonicWall focuses on internet devices that provide network security and content control.


Yealink is a supplier of internet-based phone systems (VoIP) and is based in Xiamen, China. Yealink provides everything from deskphones and softphones, to conference phones and accessories.


Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Grandstream makes Asterisk-based IP-PBX appliances and delivers superb IP voice, video communication, and video surveillance capabilities.


Polycom is a San Jose, California based company that delivers technology that enables businesses to collaborate and communicate via video and voice.


APC is a division of Schneider Electric of West Kingston, Rhode Island. APC manufactures data center products, electronics peripherals, and power supplies.


Telus Communications is a Canadian national telecommunications company that provides a wide range of telecommunications products and services including internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, video, and IPTV television.

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