We can help your business get more out of your mobile and technology.

Wireless networking has become a very important aspect of human life. The global marketplace has forced businesses to find new ways of reaching their customers in countries around the world. You need a reliable wireless network that doesn’t slow you down.

Your trusted experts on Telecom Solutions

Rafiki offers wireless telecommunication that you can trust. Rafiki is a proud partner of Apex wireless, a platinum status Telus business dealership. We also work with Shaw Communications to provide you with the best options from major carriers.

Our goal is to provide you with the best network suited to your business needs. We take care of the entire onboarding process including site checks, procurement, installation, pricing, delivery and maintenance. We also offer on-call support for our customers. Whether you are looking for a fleet plan for your small business or a larger corporate plan, we provide knowledgeable service to help you manage your budget. 

If you’re not happy with your current provider and are considering switching, it’s easy! Let us do all the work. Rafiki will work hard to save you up to 30%* off your monthly bill. If you are looking for a personal mobile device we also have you covered! All for one flat monthly rate.



Here are some  internal wireless communications factors to ask yourself… 

Are we on the best plans?

Is someone analyzing our bills regularly?

Can we accurately determine costs by department, province, or by the organization as a whole?

What security is in place?

Do we have usage policies in place?

How do we order and are there approval processes in place?

Do we have standards as far as what devices our staff can order?

Do we receive reports from our vendor on our purchases and any trends developing within our organization?

Are we aware of all the solutions or applications that would benefit our users in efficiency, time savings or productivity?


Your internet performance shouldn’t be restricted by where you live. We’re committed to providing high speeds across our trusted network.


Choose to have completely unlimited data, meaning worry-free internet use for your entire family or business. You’ll never have a “surprise” charge on your monthly bill.


Our services are installed and operated by a local team with 24/7 support.  We monitor our networks continuously, and our tech support is always on call.

Innovative Technology

Rafiki takes a holistic approach to understanding your business requirements and we set you up for success and scalability with your wireless infrastructure.

Let’s get started! Contact our expert IT team at (587) 353-5555 or sales@rafiki.ca now.


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