Today’s app market offers the full range of apps for personal use and for work. Everyone seems to be trying to complete household chores and tasks at work with the highest level of efficiency.

Time Management Apps

Time has become a valuable commodity that we never have enough of. In response to these needs, developers are coming up with all-new and really cool apps that have the features you’re looking for. You can get to-do list apps, reminder apps, and apps for file storage or note-taking. With the right apps on your phone or computer, you can improve your daily performance and get everything completed much faster. This leaves you plenty of time for relaxing and watching a great movie on Netflix. Below, we reveal our top 12 time management apps.

One: Focus booster

Feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks you have to get done today? There’s an app for that. It’s called Focus Booster and it was designed based on the Pomodoro Technique. Using this technique, you can complete more chores each day and it also helps relieve the stress you may feel due to your busy schedule. Helps eliminate procrastination.

Two: Remember the Milk

With so much information coming at us each day, it’s easy to forget the small things like stopping by the dry cleaners. Remember the Milk is compatible with your computer, Outlook, Gmail and mobile devices. Whether you just need to remember a grocery list or you want to share tasks with your team, this is an easy-to-use app that will help you avoid forgetting something important. It’s pretty straightforward to use. Simply enter a task, due date, priority and other pertinent information, then you’re all set. You can even break tasks down into sub-tasks and assign them to other people. It syncs with all your devices.

Three: Rescue Time

Are you using your time well each day or running around in circles? Rescue Time runs in the background, tracking how much time you spend on certain tasks each day. You’ll get a detailed report on all your daily activities. This lets you see where you could be wasting precious time each day. It’s available for smartphones and computers.

Four: Toggl

This unique timer app is advertised as so easy to use that you’ll actually use it. It works with individuals and teams. This time tracker is often more accurate than time sheets and other software of this type. It enables employees across many different industries to become more productive. Get accurate records of time spent on any project.

Five: Evernote

Evernote is a popular productivity app that has been around for a few years. It was originally used by college students for note-taking in class. The developers have continued to add unique features so that today you can capture, organize and share notes. It allows you to clip pages from the web and everything can be stored in one place. Evernote has added other products to its line including Evernote Business with Spaces. This program works about the same but allows a team to collect, store and share ideas. Create notes, add tables and attachments, use handwritten notes, and even add audio recordings.

Six: Dropbox

An old favorite but still the most reliable program for saving, editing and sending large files. This app is free and most people already know how it works so there’s less of a learning curve. Dropbox is available for laptops, mobile devices, iPad and other devices, so you can access and share files whenever and wherever you need to.

Seven: Mind42

This mind mapping tool has become a favorite of users and is considered one of the best on the market. It is browser-based so there’s nothing to download. This is a great productivity app that helps you get organized by showing you a diagram of what you need to be focused on. You can brainstorm, create a to-do list, organize things and share your map with others.

Eight: SyncBackFree

From 2BrightSparks, SyncBackFree is a great little tool for backing up and copying files in Windows. The app is truly free, plus it’s ad-free. There’s no registration or payment required. The app also claims that they do not collect demographic info about its users. You can schedule backups to occur at regular intervals. They also offer a SyncBackPro and SyncBankSE for enterprise clients. Files can be copied in both directions. Unicode is enabled for non-English file names.

Nine: Pocket

We all get side-tracked while surfing the web. You might be searching for information about a new project and find photos or news stories you’d like to read. Pocket gives you a place to store these items until you have time to go back and check them out. The app is available for iOS, Android and for computers and mobile devices. You can store any type of content and the app works with or without an internet connection.

Ten: MyLifeOrganized

This task management app helps users target the most important tasks. It automatically creates your to-do list and highlights those items that require immediate attention. Track your progress, focus on specific goals and achieve your objectives with MyLifeOrganized. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to rearrange tasks in list form or as a tree. This app can be used at work, at home or for special events like a wedding, business trip, or party. Simply enter tasks and due dates, along with a few other pieces of information and MLO automatically generates a smart list of all the actions you need to complete.

Eleven: Launchy

Launch all your files, folders and documents with this simple app. You don’t need to go to the start menu, desktop or file manager to open your favorite programs. Launchy has been named the best application launcher by major publications.

Twelve: Focus@Will

Developers of Focus@Will claim that users can increase their productivity by up to 400 percent. This is the perfect solution for those who get distracted easily while studying or working. The app combines music with neuroscience to boost productivity. Those with a touch of ADHD will find this app very helpful.

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