Why Keep Hitting A Brick Wall With Poor IT Support?

Without your technology, your business just doesn’t run. Orders don’t get processed, clients don’t get the care they deserve, and money stops rolling in the doors. But you’ve run up against roadblock after roadblock, and still, your business technology is letting you down when you need it most.

{company} feels your pain.

Why? Because we’ve gone into dozens of situations just like yours, cleaned up the IT mess, removed the speed bumps and roadblocks, and provided a stable IT platform for success. We will do the same for you! We hear these questions all the time from struggling business leaders BEFORE they switch to {company} managed IT services.

Why is my technology always breaking down… and why do I keep getting these HUGE surprise bills?

Let’s break this down into two answers… First. Your technology is always breaking down because it either is outdated and needs to be replaced or because it isn’t adequately managed. Improper management is the most likely cause in 85% of scenarios that we encounter. So what’s the fix? The solution to the dilemma of continual breakdowns is preventative and proactive IT management and maintenance. It’s just like your doctor told you…

If you maintain your body, it will serve you better and longer with less pain and difficulty. But…if you neglect to exercise, eat right, get proper rest, etc., your body will stay healthier longer. Technology is no different. There are just some things that have to be done consistently ahead of time to ensure consistent service from your IT hardware and software. The second part of the question is, “Why do I keep getting these HUGE surprise bills?” Well, that’s connected to the conflict between the IT business models of proactive maintenance and break/fix repair.

Contractors that are only paid to show up to fix your computers have no financial incentive to keep your systems running properly. Their business model is built on guaranteeing that you will have breakdowns, downtime, unhappy clients, and lost revenue.

Managed IT from {company} is different. For a reasonable monthly fee, we proactively keep your systems running at their best. With this model, we are at our most profitable when you are running at full speed and getting your work done. The leaders of {company} have wisely aligned our business model with YOUR interests. It’s a winning partnership!

How can we make better use of our technology systems?

You know that you bought great technology assets. But for some reason, you aren’t getting the return on investment that you were anticipating. You want to know how to leverage your IT environment for better efficiency, productivity, and profit. We’ll help you with making the most of your current systems and advising you on new technology as it comes to market.

We’ll show you how to take advantage of the “hidden” benefits of your hardware and software – giving you the efficiencies that your growing enterprise requires.

But getting the most from your IT systems is not just about getting set up correctly and leveraging advantages you weren’t aware of previously. IT managed services from {company} provides the seamless functionality and immediate response you need to utilize your business technology to it’s fullest and realize the ROI you expect.

Why does it take so long for my break/fix IT contractors to show up when I need them the most?

Just because you are giving a company some work does not mean that you are high on their priority list – even if your ENTIRE business is at a standstill.

Sure, when you initially contacted that computer-fix-it company they said they would be there for you. They may have even talked you into paying them a monthly retainer to guarantee a speedy response time when your systems fail. But even though you’ve faithfully paid your IT bills and their monthly retainer, you haven’t seen any of the speed they promised.

Why aren’t they showing up? It’s simple. They know that you will wait for them – and wait – and wait – and wait. Break the cycle! Stop waiting.

Forget break/fix or lazy retainer-based computer-fix-it companies and switch to the proactive, holistic, approach of Managed IT from {company}. With our Managed IT service we continually maintain and monitor your systems – responding immediately to any anomaly that may cause your processes to slow.

You don’t have to wait for the {company} team to show up. We’re covering your systems remotely 24/7 and respond BEFORE you call to any issues we detect.

Our computers always seem to be crashing. Does everyone have this problem with their business technology?

The answer is “NO.” Your computers, tablets, and smartphones should not be giving you continual headaches. Something is wrong. It’s likely one or several regular maintenance issues that have gone unaddressed. We will find the problems, fix them, and give you an IT environment that just works. That’s what you want right? You don’t want the fancy bells and whistles. You just want your technology to work when you need it to work! We’ll make that happen for you. You can depend on the {company} team.

There are so many technology opinions and claims. Who can I trust for IT services, hardware, and software advice?

The IT consulting that you get will determine how efficient your processes are and how much money your company makes. But if your IT advisor is paid to recommend one brand over another, you could be in for a world of hurt. You need to ask the question, “Is your company truly technology agnostic or are you paid to sell certain brands?” If they dodge the question, don’t give them your business. Why? Because their advice is compromised by their financial arrangement with one technology supplier over another one.

The {company} team’s only loyalty is to YOU, the client. Although we make a percentage on the hardware and software we sell, we are not tied to or loyal to one brand over another. This allows us to give you the best advice possible for your specific situation.

Let’s talk now! Give the friendly IT support specialists of {company} a call at {phone}  or send an email to {email} to get the IT answers that your business deserves.

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