Month: September 2018

Don’t You Deserve An IT Provider Who Understands What A Dental Practice Needs?

If you’re like other dentists in Alberta and Ontario, you rely on your technology more than ever before. It’s required to effectively run your office, schedule visits, and provide the best possible care for your patients. This is why your dental practice needs an IT provider who understands the technologies you use and specializes in providing IT solutions for dentists.

How Will Rafiki Help Me Plan For The Future?

How Will Rafiki Help Me Plan For The Future? (Questions/Answers)

An IT Plan for the future can improve your efficiencies, productivity, security, compliance, mobility, and communications both now and in years to come. Plus, we’ll align technology with your vision and adapt it as needed, so your technology always stays “in sync.”

Happy Labour Day Everyone!

Happy Labour Day (Labor Day – International Workers Day –  May Day)! You’ve worked hard all summer. This Labor Day before going back to work and back to school, take some time to relax and enjoy one more backyard barbeque, one more trip to the beach, one more night sleeping under the stars, one more …

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