ClearDent vs. Dentrix (Information/Comparison)

Not sure which dental practice software to choose? Check out this point by point comparison to make an informed decision.

As you know very well from your time at trade shows and what you get in your inbox every day, there are a lot of software vendors out there trying to sell you their dental practice software solutions.

There’s something for everything – whereas some will help you manage insurance claims, others will provide an automated solution for confirming patient appointments.

That’s all well and good – but do you really want to invest in, learn about, and just plain deal with that many different solutions?

Take two of the top practice management software systems available on the market today – how can you parse the difference? How can you be sure which is the best option for you?

How Are ClearDent and Dentrix The Same?

The primary benefit offered by both ClearDent and Dentrix is that they offer a unified approach to dental practice software.

Think of it this way – why bother lugging around a dozen different screwdrivers when a single powered multi-tool will handle every type of screw you may come across? Being able to take care of work using just one solution just makes more sense – by its nature, it’s simpler, more centralized, and more efficient.

Both ClearDent and Dentrix offer the fundamental benefits of a dental software suite – namely, that they include everything you need, with further benefits such as:


  • Need For Integration: With each and every feature developed by the same vendor, and configured in the same program, you don’t have to worry about compatibility between the programs you’re using.
  • Centralized Support: Any assistance you need for how you and your staff use the software comes from a single source, which is easier to manage.
  • User-friendly: Instead of you and your staff having to learn the different ways that a range of software operates, with a suite you just have to learn one. This will help to cut down on training time, as well as minimize mistakes and delays.

What Are The Primary Features Offered By Both ClearDent and Dentrix?

  1. Patient Communication
    Similar to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, both these dental software suites make it easy to automate confirmations in order to reduce late and no-show appointments, automatically send welcome packages to new patients that sign up at your practice, as well as market to and reactivate past patients with mass communications based on short-term promotions.

    Even past automation, these solutions offer new ways of communication that allow your patients to interact the way they prefer.

    Instead of having to call each patient any time you need to make contact, you should instead be able to send a text or email easily, based on what they prefer.

  2. Mobility
    These suites automatically allow you to access all your patient and other work data from wherever you need to on a tablet or smartphone (Apple or Android).

    Whether you’re at home and need to double check when a patient’s last appointment was, or are on the go and need to confirm something else in a patient’s file, it will be as easy as opening an app on your mobile device.

    These suites will give you simple and secure access to:

    1. Appointment details
    2. Restorative charts
    3. Periodontal charts
    4. Clinical notes
    5. Patient information
  3. Patient Data Transfers
    Lastly, these suites both will make it easy to set up a patient data exchange and easily send the following from one authorized location to another:

    1. Complete patient charts
    2. Odontograms
    3. X-rays
    4. Medical histories
    5. Other patient documentation

How Are ClearDent and Dentrix Different?

  • Accessibility: Regardless of how feature-rich a practice management suite is, a primary consideration for dentists should be how easy it is to use.

    That’s why it’s so important to find out whether a potential solution has a Free Trial available, or effective training modules.

    In this case, both solutions offer something different. Whereas ClearDent is the only one to offer Live Online Training (in addition to In Person, Webinars, and Documentation), Dentrix is the only one to offer a Free Trial.

  • Inventory Management: Whereas both practice management suites offer a range of similar features (appointment management, claims management, patient records management, etc.) there is one feature in which they differ – Inventory Management.

    ClearDent provides functionality for tracking and managing the practice’s inventory of supplies and materials, whereas Dentrix does not.

Final Verdict: Should You Choose ClearDent Or Dentrix?

The truth? Both are very similar, and the key benefit – eliminating disparate and incompatible software in exchange for one easy-to-use and comprehensive suite – is something you can get from either. That’s why you should pay especially close attention to their differences – if a Free Trial or Live Online Training is a priority to you, then you know which to choose (Dentrix for the former, and ClearDent for the latter)

Similarly, if you find that your inventory management could benefit by going digital, then your only option is ClearDent.

The important part is that you find software – and dental practice IT services – that will support the care you provide to patients every day.

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