The good news if you’re looking for IT support for Calgary automobile dealerships is you’ve got a lot of good options.

Whether you operate a single dealership or represent multiple brands, your IT needs are likely rather complex. Car dealerships need to maintain and manage systems that represent a full range of services and functions, from customer appointments to financing to repair and maintenance to inventory management. That’s why it’s important that when looking for IT services Calgary automobile industry professionals understand what’s out there.

Whether your dealership is in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane or Southern Alberta, you need to make sure you make the right choice for your dealership.

Here’s a list of some automobile software companies that Rafiki’s automobile dealership IT experts have experience with:

  • Reynolds and Reynolds, a multinational software company located in Dayton, Ohio, with Canadian offices in Ontario and Quebec
  • CDK Global, a dealer management system provider based in Illinois
  • Serti Dealership System, a Montreal-based company with an office in Airdrie that offers a dealer management system and solutions for other industries
  • PBS Systems Group, a Calgary company providing software to manage sales, accounting, parts and service
  • Rafiki Technologies, an experienced IT services company that helps auto dealerships solve complex IT challenges, integrates dealer management and other technology systems and provides monitoring and maintenance to technologies

Rafiki has many years of experience working with car dealerships throughout Alberta. We’ve worked with major car and truck brands, including Ford, GM, Infiniti, Kia, Lexus, Toyota, and Volkswagen to name a few. We know that no two car dealerships are alike and that you need solutions that are as unique as is your business.

What Services Are Available for Car Dealerships?

When you think about the complexities of technology in most car dealerships, there are lots of things to maintain: terminals, networks, software applications and systems that manage everything from online purchase inquiries to parts ordering to outside financing management.

The complexity is what makes working with car dealerships so interesting to us at Rafiki. We know that you need to keep customers satisfied and happy at every step of the journey and that, ideally, the relationship does not end with a sale.

You need a technology partner that can help you design a system that’s reliable and secure. Those solutions have major benefits — satisfied and productive employees, delighted customers who will refer you business and leave positive online reviews, better response times, improved operational efficiency, and dealership-wide performance improvements.

We work to understand your dealership’s needs and develop a solution that works to work for your organization, not a cookie-cutter approach to IT management.

How Can I Better Manage WiFi In My Dealership?

Car dealerships are places where customers (and the kids or spouses with them) can spend a fair bit of time. They want to be able to access the internet on all their devices. That means most dealerships today offer public WiFi for those waiting in the dealership. Guest networks are only one of several you need. Your employees will need networks to connect with each other and access information on mobile devices, in shared inventory lots that may be remote, within different parts of the dealership’s footprint, and across multiple dealer locations.

We help develop and maintain networks that work for all your needs.

I Need Help Managing Internet Sales Processes

Just as your dealership may have different WiFi needs, you likely maintain multiple websites for service, fleet management, and sales, often with integrated tools across dealerships. At Rafiki, we provide tools to meet and manage your internet service needs and help you manage internet leads and sales, which are a growing part of the auto business in Calgary and worldwide.

What Solutions Are Available for Phone Systems?

The phone is the lifeblood of most auto dealerships. You need many lines and ways to track who is on calls, who is available, and where people are. Rafiki specialists can help you choose the right phone system for your dealership needs, whether it’s landlines or using a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) solution that’s affordable, flexible and easy to use.

Rafiki helps keep all your technologies — from phones to third-party software solutions to infrastructure — coordinated, connected and secure. To learn more about how we can help your Calgary auto dealership, contact us today.

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