It’s hard to find a straight-forward online backup solution for your business with all the available options, but finding the right backup could mean the difference between a future or a failure.

Here’s a list of top contenders.

What Is The Best Online Data Backup Services For Businesses & Computer Users In Calgary

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and your brand – and your livelihood – require your full attention. With so much at risk, it makes sense to take every step to protect your data and processes. What’s the next logical step on this journey? That depends on a few factors.

On-Site vs. Online

Maintaining your own backups and providing on-site storage is the right option for some businesses – but most are turning to online alternatives today, and there are many reasons.

Much like with applications, data storage, and other professional solutions, the cloud industry is exploding into new channels almost hourly. Online backups aren’t a new trend, by any means, but they are growing exponentially – especially when compared to traditional on-site processes.

The mindset with on-site backups boils down to control: control over the process, control over the data being backed up, and control over every aspect in between, including the hardware, user access, etc. The misperception people tend to have is that online backups leave you with no control over your backup process. It’s logical to want to retain control where your data is concerned.

Users don’t lose control over the process – or their data – with online backups. In fact, online backup providers tend to offer more options for those shopping around:

  • Scalable: Online backup providers offer solutions ranging from minimal storage under 5GB to unlimited and without a contract to lock users into a fixed amount
  • Flexible: Add or remove users as needed, increase or decrease storage size, add or remove features
  • Cost-effective: Options from free to a low monthly fee
  • Support: Users have access to support, from telephone to online chat, to meet individual needs

Introducing The Online Data Backup Players

Which provider is the best online backup solution? That will depend on your specific needs, but here’s a list of top contenders for 2018.

As their website suggests, Backblaze offers simple and straight-forward options, with monthly or annual payment plans based on the number of users who need access. A popular choice for unlimited storage needs, with added options for users who need to backup peripherals like external hard drives for easy file restoration.

If you’re looking for server backups, Backblaze offers a pay-as-you-go cloud backup options that are about one-quarter the cost of Amazon or Microsoft with seamless integration.

On top of the cost savings, users still get the flexibility of role-based privileges, multiple administrators, and the benefits of continuous backups regardless of technology platform.

CrashPlan is well aware of the backup options a simple Google search provides and is so confident in their backup service that CrashPlan offers users a free 30-day trial – by which point they believe you’ll be hooked and stay for the long haul. In fact, not only does CrashPlan boast their features over those of competitors, but users automatically get the first month free and then roll over to a no-contract low per-device monthly fee.

CrashPlan is slightly more pricey than Backblaze, with comparable unlimited backup storage and compatible with multiple platforms, but also compliant with industry regulations like ISO and HIPAA.

  • ADrive – Starting at $7/user/month

Where CrashPlan gives users a 30-day free trial to fall in love, ADrive gives users a 60-day free trial, and then beats both CrashPlan and Backblaze in the pricing category.

One element ADrive users love is the mobile app through which users can access and edit files, making this a favorite among sales teams with Android and iPhone users.

  • IDrive – Offers a no-cost option

The first entrant in the online backup industry to offer a free basic account for users, IDrive offers a pricing structure that veers away from unlimited storage and into tiered categories based on use/need.

IDrive users love the eye-catching dashboard and ability to manage remote computers from a single portal, a bonus for businesses with distributed teams or multiple locations.

What’s really the difference?

Most of the top contenders are favorites for a reason – they offer similar services with cost-effective pricing and user-friendly features, so it comes down to individual need and preference. The cost-per-user varies, though minimally, and each of the above options guarantees security and restoration services to minimize downtime. Security is important, now that more sensitive data and the personally identifiable information is being stored in the cloud.

Backup solutions guarantee “Business As Usual” with operations continuity, and give brands a peace of mind. Whether a brand chooses on-site backups or online backups, the most important result is redundancy! Where one backup becomes damaged or corrupt, businesses have better chances of recovery with redundant backups, and while anyone can roll out a server and establish recurring backups, dedicating someone to this role in a full-time capacity is expensive and inefficient. Online backup providers can offer backup services in a far more cost-effective manner given the concentrated nature of the business.

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