Privacy Compliance and Technology in Healthcare

Join Rafiki Technologies’ Naheed Shivji and Information Managers’ Jean L. Eaton for a guide to successfully keep your patients’ information safe and comply with the requirements of the Health Information Act (HIA).

This workshop will provide you with practical tips to plan your Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) amendment as well as a strategic cybersecurity checklist.

Updating your PIA allows your business to:

  • Add a new digital health app or patient portal to make it easier for patients to book appointments with you, or
  • Get access to Alberta Netcare Portal, or the CII or CPAR projects
  • Use the internet to get telehealth on-line consultations for your patients,
  • Update your participating custodians and privacy officer
  • Receive a regular review to ensure that you are continuing to meet the requirements of the Health Information Act (HIA).

Updating your PIA will help you anticipate risks to the project before it starts and avoid serious problems, wasted time and money.

We will also teach you the importance of implementing a reliable cyber security and business continuity plan to keep your business and patient information safe.

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