Is Your Car Dealership In Calgary Considering Outsourcing Your IT Services?

Auto dealerships have complex technology needs. Keeping the various components of your dealership up and running reliably requires having a well designed, properly maintained and secured technology plan.

That’s why many are choosing to outsource IT services Calgary automobile dealerships need to keep functioning at all times. Choosing the right IT company in Calgary for your dealership is an important consideration. Here are some of the questions you should consider … and ask any potential companies you’re considering for IT support for Calgary car dealerships.

What Outsourcing IT Services Are Available?

Outsourcing IT is a powerful way to tap into industry expertise and free up internal resources to take on other work. Here are the services available from Rafiki Technologies:

  • IT assessments to help maximize your technology investments and integrate your systems
  • System monitoring to optimize performance, protect against cyber attacks
  • Support for IT problems with remote and in-house staff
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Comprehensive network security
  • Data management, including backups, synchronization across departments, and disaster recovery planning
  • Employee training on systems, software and to prevent cyber intrusions
  • Software vendor management, including common auto dealership applications, Microsoft Office and G Suite
  • Hardware and software procurement and installation

When you need comprehensive consultation, advice, and service, look for a company that can provide a complete set of needed services.

How Does Outsourcing Our IT Services Save Money?

When you choose to outsource your IT services, you’ll see direct and indirect cost savings. You’ll also have a predictable price that’s paid monthly for the support you select, eliminating surprises on your finances.

You can reduce or eliminate the need for internal IT staff and with cloud services, eliminate the need to maintain and cool servers, or manage upgrades and equipment to support your software and hardware.

The indirect savings are even more powerful. With managed IT services, you can reduce the risk of system downtime that can grind auto dealership operations to a halt. With regular maintenance and monitoring, experts at Rafiki Technologies can anticipate and fix minor issues before they become major issues. We’ll help configure your technologies and applications so that they are working at peak efficiency. We’ll make sure you have the support and bandwidth you need.

With the expertise and optimization at work, you’ll be able to sell more cars and serve customers better with reliable service.

What Kind of Tech Support Is Provided?

When your employees need help with technology they want answers quickly with clear instructions and solutions. With Rafiki Technologies as your managed IT services partner, you’ll have several support options that get things working again fast.

Our help desk services give you access to expert engineers and technicians who know your software and hardware. You can enter tickets by email, phone or through an online portal.

Our staff are experienced in troubleshooting and solving problems remotely. More than 80 percent of tickets submitted to the Rafiki help desk receive attention within 20 minutes or less. If the problem cannot be resolved easily, it will be escalated immediately to a senior engineer with additional training and expertise.

We also offer on-site technical support to Calgary auto dealerships.

How Do You Keep Our Computer Systems Secure?

System security is of utmost importance to auto dealerships, who need to keep data about inventories, transactions, and service histories protected. In addition, auto dealers are storing contact, financial, credit and payment information on customers.

Rafiki Technologies uses a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. It includes anti-spam and anti-virus tools to protect email, web filtering to prevent access to inappropriate content, and email archiving to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our firewall services help protect networks, devices, and users with monitoring tools that can detect intrusions and attempts, flag suspicious activity and prevent malicious traffic.

Finally, we regularly analyze your network to spot any vulnerabilities and recommend changes that can maintain the best protection of your information.

Rafiki Technologies helps auto dealerships with their unique managed IT needs. We help you reduce risk, improve performance and better serve your customers. Contact us today to learn more about our managed IT services.

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