Your enterprise has complex needs, facing pressures to reduce operating costs, drive efficiency, and keep data and systems secure.

What’s the solution? Choosing a qualified managed services provider to help with IT offers enterprise leaders the opportunity to transform the way work is done. With a proven provider of managed IT services in Calgary and Alberta like Rafiki Technologies at your side, you can be sure that your technology needs are met, allowing you to focus on developing the right strategy and meeting customer needs.

What Are Managed IT Services

Managed IT services allow for the outsourcing, oversight and day-to-day management of core functions. Whether it’s your applications and data, help desk or user support, a managed service provider has the capabilities to organize and oversee your technology all day, every day. While managed IT services vary from provider to provider, they generally include the following:

  • Hardware and software installation. Your hardware and software, whether in the public cloud or a hybrid solution, are the core of any IT network. Your MSP can ensure that new versions are installed and configured correctly to allow employees and customers access to key functions.
  • Maintenance. Your IT infrastructure is always evolving, requiring upgrades, service packs and patches to be installed globally. An MSP can handle the scheduling, deployment, testing, validation, and troubleshooting of these important changes that are necessary to ensure devices and systems are working optimally and protected.
  • Support. Network users can be anywhere, requiring support on different devices and with a range of issues. Providing help desk support allows your teams to get back to the work at hand quickly.
  • Security. Your network needs to be protected from a full range of threats. Providing constant monitoring of your network ensures that it’s safe and operational when you need it.

Managing Costs with Managed Services

Cost containment is important for every enterprise. With managed IT, you no longer have to pay data center costs, including expensive power and cooling, security, storage and maintenance expenses. Your IT staffing costs will decrease too, with fewer staff members and training needing to keep up with complex programs and user support. With managed services, you’ll be able to shift major IT expenses from capital project lines to a monthly operating cost.


With managed IT services, your enterprise can expand or contract as the organization grows or contracts or to reflect seasonal variances. You won’t need to wait for laborious internal budgeting and installation processes to play out either. In most cases, usage adjustments can be made quickly, providing you with the right usage to meet your demands.


Many companies face international, national, local, and industry regulatory requirements that can hinder operations. Measuring, tracking and reporting on these requirements means having the right tools in place. With active monitoring and protections in place, you can ensure critical compliance mandates are addressed.


Enterprises face extraordinary, daily challenges from hackers and cyber terrorists. Sophisticated threats are continually emerging, putting enterprises at risk, risking losses in revenue and reputation. With managed IT services, your organization can reduce your exposure to these bad actors. Managed IT services providers use the latest encryption and security protocols to protect data at rest and in transit. Constant monitoring of devices, access points, and users allows for better detection of unusual patterns and attempted intrusions.

Security includes not only digital tools but physical protections with limited, controlled access to servers and data. In addition, managed service providers provide powerful backup tools to ensure your data is protected and stored in multiple spots for easy retrieval.


Your teams need the latest tools and capabilities to leverage the vast technological changes. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data and data analytics are all innovations that have revolutionized the way we work and live today. To take advantage of the latest opportunities, invest in a managed services provider. That partnership allows you access to new capabilities faster, with expert guidance on how to deploy and maximize the impact of new opportunities.

Business Continuity

When disaster strikes, you want access to your company’s data and systems. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a cyber attack, in the wake of a disaster you want a managed services provider ready to minimize downtime and data loss, getting your systems and information secure and accessible by your customers and employees.

Why Choose Rafiki

Rafiki Technologies specialties in managed IT solutions. Working with our teams, your organization will gain a strategic partner to develop your IT capabilities, a comprehensive array of services, and all-day, every-day access and support. when you need business IT support in Calgary or Alberta Let Rafiki augment your in-house IT team with technology solutions that fit your needs.

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