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Apex Wireless Partnership Announcement

Rafiki Announces New Partnership with Apex Wireless Bringing You the Best in Wireless Connectivity Rafiki Technologies has partnered with the leading Canadian telecom provider to ensure our customers are getting the best service at an affordable price. Rafiki is continuously analyzing, researching and monitoring all available vendors and technology options …

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Virtual Fax: Convenient & Cost-Effective

Today’s virtual fax has little resemblance to its predecessor. Conventional fax filled business people with dread and loathing. In contrast, virtual fax is a welcome form of convenient and cost-effective communication, simplifying processes and seamlessly integrating with established workflows. Rafiki has 2 flavours of virtual fax: Internet Fax, a stand-alone …

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Benefits of Cloud Phone-Based Business + How to Make It Happen

Cloud computing has transformed the way the world does business today. What Is A Cloud Phone-Based Business? A cloud phone-based business stores its data in “the cloud”. The cloud is an online storage center that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Within one unified …

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Windows 7 End of Life is Approaching– What You need to Know

With the announcement of Microsoft canceling support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, there are a few things that businesses and home users need to know about this event. Luckily Microsoft has given everyone ample time to prepare for this transition and get their operating systems up to speed …

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Cyber Security and Automation in Dentistry – What to Expect for the Future

Healthcare providers have become a major target for hackers looking to breach their files. As a practitioner, you need to make sure that your practice has the requisite cybersecurity and dental solutions in place. The solutions and procedures are not only meant to protect against data breaches, but they also …

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