The secret to being part of a great team isn’t hard to figure out – it’s mutual respect! Working together to be part of something bigger, toward a shared goal, and having each other’s back is what makes the team work. Are you on the right team?

If you have a problem, then so do we. From sluggish systems to password protocols, from cybersecurity skills to cloud collaboration, Rafiki Technologies wants to make sure you succeed in every aspect of your business.

When you first connect with the team at Rafiki, you won’t hear, “What’s wrong?” Instead, we want to know, “How can we help?”

The best team is made of like-minded members and all work toward the same goal. If you have a problem, we see a challenge and provide a solution. Wouldn’t you rather have a team around you that thinks in results instead of regrets?

Red Deer-based Rafiki Technologies focuses on what’s best for you, not for our bottom line. See, we’d rather be on the same team for a long time, and we know if anyone treated us like a number just to pad their profits, they’d be benched or traded!

Enough sports metaphors, you get the idea. Rafiki will help you lay the best business technology foundation for success and focus on you for the long-term rather than just for today. We strive to eliminate the “break/fix” cycle of technological relationships and opt for continual care – we know this is in your best interest and is the most cost-effective option for you.

The Who

The amazing team of technology geniuses at Rafiki Technologies stands ready to put your business first and deliver bulletproof IT services. We pledge to treat you with dignity and kindness, to deliver on-time and on budget with the right services for your needs, and to get the job done right the first time without keeping you waiting.

Working with a managed IT services provider to outsource your IT management gives your business the peace of mind knowing an expert can respond immediately with minimal productivity interruption.

  • What is a managed IT services provider? Outsourcing IT needs to a provider that oversees management of functions and resources is an effective cost-cutting strategy outside of the standard on-demand business model. For a fixed monthly rate, customers benefit from an expedited response from a specialized technician based on the need of the moment.

It sounds too good to be true, but we promise to deliver!

The What

Rafiki’s technology line-up covers every aspect of your business, from end-user training, operations, and support, to mission-critical elements like network security, cloud services, and business continuity:

  • Cloud integration and management
    • High-capacity, global collaboration platforms
    • Cloud-based productivity tools like Office 365 and G Suite
    • Compliant data back-up and file storage solutions
  • Network monitoring and security
    • 24/7 protection and safeguards against weakness and vulnerability
  • Email services and Microsoft Exchange hosting
    • Decades of Microsoft Exchange Server and hosting expertise giving you secure and efficient digital communications
  • Disaster recovery
    • Plan for the unexpected and ensure continuity of business
  • Managed IT services
    • Subscription-based managed services to oversee seamless flow of operations
    • Consulting for strategic planning and project management
    • Technical support and Help Desk management

The Where

Calgary-based Rafiki Technologies is located in Red Deer, and serves a variety of industries, like accounting, legal, real estate, medical, hospitality, nonprofit, and more.

If we can customize professional environments for these industries, imagine how we rise to meet exciting challenges in new channels!

Customers have needed their own schedule – not ours! Questions aren’t restricted to business hours, and problems can come up at any moment. No matter what time, our team can handle your questions and issues, 24/7, and respond promptly. Requests can be submitted via telephone, email, or through our online portal, so that we can respond in whichever way is most convenient for you.

The When

You’re reading this because something isn’t matching your needs right now. Whether you’re just researching or you’re ready to take the next step for your business. The longer you wait to take that first step, the longer it will be before you realize cost savings, increased productivity, and increased efficiency.

The Why

The team at Rafiki will personalize your IT environment to fit your needs, your budget, your industry, and your team. Our decades of expertise give your team and your business the competitive edge you need, but has your office technology worked smarter for your team? Has your technology proven to be as efficient as your needs require?

Our team can perform an assessment to make sure your technology matches your business. Do you have equipment or software that you’ve paid for but is going unused? Why waste time, real estate, resources, or most importantly, money? Maximizing efficiency equals maximized productivity – and maximum revenue!

Technology that is reliable means less downtime and your team spend less of their time in reactive mode, and more time being proactive. The IT service provider that earns your trust by delivering on its promises and meeting your needs is the right choice for you. Rafiki Technologies wants to build a foundation of a long and healthy relationship based on respect and integrity with you, supporting your goals and achievements.

The bottom line

What is better than saving time and money? The answer is – nothing! We dare you to find out with Rafiki.

We take pride that our clients experience the four P’s:

  • Proven Reliability – dependable technology when you need it.
  • Public Track Record – we are transparent in our work and value the same transparency with our clients.
  • Predictability – no surprises.
  • Potential – what’s new and next in technology?

For a bulletproof IT solution that guarantees a secure, seamless, and supported environment, contact Rafiki Technologies today!

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