How Rafiki Technologies Increases Your Company’s Network Security

Exploring the key ways a partnership with Rafiki Technologies will secure your company network

There’s simply no getting around it – network security in the modern business environment must be a top priority. Ensuring that your network is set up to mitigate both external and internal threats to security is critical. However, you also want to ensure your network infrastructure is still easy to navigate for those who rely on it daily.

The fact of the matter is, many professionals can’t do it alone. And who could blame them? Business should always be the top priority. That’s why many professionals reach out to professional IT consultants and support providers in order to ensure their networks are secured and consistently monitored.

The decision to partner with a managed IT service provider is a big investment. That’s why we think it’s our responsibility to explain exactly how we help business entities of all kinds optimize their network security environments. That’s why we’ve created The Rafiki Technologies IT Security Playbook. Read on to understand exactly how we approach network security, strategy, and planning.

The Rafiki Technologies IT Security Playbook

The Rafiki Technologies approach to business network security is defined by strategic planning and full-coverage protection and prevention. We build security strategies and implement them from the ground up in order to fully and proactively secure business networks of all shapes and sizes.

Here’s a quick summary of the network security benefits we offer businesses:

  • Elimination of vulnerabilities & strategic patching
  • Software and hardware updates and improvements
  • Consistent and strategic network monitoring and maintenance
  • Stability, productivity & uptime
  • Affordable and value-based pricing
  • Full-coverage & friendly service and support

Simply put, we’re dedicated to securing our client’s networks and maintaining the highest levels of data protection and privacy. Business entities are increasingly becoming targets for cybercriminals and we’re committed to keeping hardworking professional networks secure. The Rafiki Technologies network security strategy is explained in more detail below, under our top 5 areas of attention.

  1. Comprehensive Vulnerability Audits

The first step in a reliable network security plan for businesses is to know where you stand. Taking a ‘tech inventory’ and understanding the resources you need to secure is absolutely critical to ensure your network security strategy covers all necessary bases. This means examining your entire network, including outdated equipment, unsecured devices, and any other system vulnerabilities.

Rafiki Technologies believes in starting the network security process with a comprehensive vulnerability audit. This audit covers your entire system infrastructure and identifies weak spots in your network. Once the audit is complete, Rafiki works to patch the vulnerabilities and then works piece by piece to secure your network from all end-points.

  1. Email Lockdown

There’s no denying that email is one of the most critical applications that modern professionals rely on daily. Additionally, there’s no denying that email is one of the easiest ways for cybercriminals to communicate with your team and gain unauthorized access to your network system. As such, securing email applications must be prioritized strategically.

Rafiki Technologies offers dynamic email security services to keep your employee inboxes on lockdown. First, Rafiki implements dynamic email protections to prevent spam, viruses, and malicious communications from arriving in inboxes. Additionally, Rafiki implements email archiving solutions that securely store company communications while keeping inboxes clear and easy to navigate.

  1. Wireless Warriors

Wireless networks are another area of business networking that often goes unsecured – and this couldn’t be more of a mistake. Wireless networking has allowed businesses to make huge strides in terms of streamlining power. However, with this convenience comes increased security risk. Securing your wireless network is absolutely essential in mitigating cybercriminals and proactively protecting your network.

Rafiki Technologies works with every client to determine their exact needs in terms of network connection and access. Once this assessment is complete, Rafiki is committed to implementing a totally customized and secured wireless network set up. This means Rafiki clients can take advantage of all the wireless benefits, with the peace of mind that only managed IT security can bring.

  1. Consistent Intrusion Prevention & Protection

In addition to email and wireless networks, strategic IT security requires that all access points are protected and proactively monitored to prevent invasion. For business owners with countless staff and company devices to think about, securing your entire network can seem understandably overwhelming.

Rafiki Technologies eases these fears by implementing robust and consistent network monitoring and maintenance solutions, 24/7. We also implement dynamic web filtering, firewall, and virtual patching solutions to ensure your network is protected at every last end-point. With a set of expert eyes on your network at all times, your network will stay consistently secured and you’ll always be a step ahead of problems.

  1. Compliance Concerns

Last, but certainly not least, is the issue of regulatory compliance. Simply put, compliance standards are no joke. Mandated by a variety of institutional and governmental bodies, businesses today are subject to more regulatory IT security standards than ever before. And it’s likely only going to get more complex as technology continues to evolve.

Rafiki Technologies has extensive experience working with clients to uphold legal and professional compliance standards of all kinds. Whether your company is regulated by PCI, GDPR or any other regulatory body, Rafiki Technologies can work to ensure your network security strategy is designed with compliance in mind. This means creating proactive strategies that streamline compliance responsibilities, meaning you get to stay focused on mission-critical business.

Customizing Security: How Can Rafiki Technologies Design Security Solutions Customized for Your Company

Now that you’ve read our playbook basics, you’re probably wondering: can Rafiki Technologies design a cybersecurity strategy that is custom tailored to meet the specific needs of my company? If you liked the layered and dynamic approach we take to network security, but you’re wondering if it can be customized to meet your needs – you’re in luck.

Rafiki Technologies takes pride in making our expertise and strategic solutions work for you. We enjoy getting to know the unique needs of our clients and we’re always up to the challenge of total customization. If this is what your company is looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for some initial consultation and support.

By reaching out to us, you’ll be taking care of half the battle yourself – you’ll be starting the conversation. Then we’ll be able to move quickly and strategically to design and implement network security measures that are not only reliable and consistent but also fully customized. Reach our team of cybersecurity experts anytime at (587) 353-5555 or

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